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From the Past to the Present

From the Past to the Present

Through hypnosis, meditation and other techniques, many therapists now use Regression Analysis to recall events that have occurred earlier in their patient's lives. They feel regression therapy helps people identify past emotions that still affect them in the present.

There have been cases recorded where this type of psychotherapy goes a bit further, revealing experiences of a previous life. These “past life regressions” often highlight things that happened to the patient while they lived in another body and in another time.

Regression Therapy Helps Irrational Fears

Irrational fears are the most common condition treated with regression therapy, using both current and past lives. When asked, most people cannot provide a reason why they are afraid.

Past-life regression takes the user back to the primary event where the fear is established.

The therapist allows the client’s subconscious mind to wander back in time, remembering the event causing the present anxiety. This approach makes it possible to assess the fear in a fresh, different light. The key to regression therapy is to learn that a particular past event no longer has meaning in the present.

Regression treatment works because the patient soon realizes there is no longer a need to be afraid.

Past Lives Appear Spontaneously

The hypnosis and meditation techniques used in regression therapy are often similar to those used by psychics and spiritual healers to recall past lives.

A well-trained regression therapist will identify the event as a past life regression and let the user move freely around this past life. They will not stop the session, it will continue on, to see where the trail goes. The goal is to understand why a particular point in the client’s timeline has a bearing on this specific problem.

Most traditional regression therapists deal with issues in the present life. Some believe what is actually happening in past life regression is that the subconscious mind constructs a framework relevant to the problem they are working on.

However, a large number of people are convinced they have lived past lives. They see reincarnation and past lives as our eternal spirits working through valuable life lessons. People live sequential lives to understand these lessons, so they can enter the next phase of existence. They see subconscious past life memories as valid and true.

Regression Therapy Works Wonders

Regardless of how you feel about past life regression, there is no doubt that it have a powerful affect on an individual. Many issues and conflicts have been successfully resolved through regression therapy.

For many practitioners of traditional psychotherapy, past life regression analysis remains controversial. On the other hand, millions of people believe in past lives. They believe past lives can help us in the present.

There has been an increased interest in past life regression as more doctors and scientists are using it as a way to heal. They either became true believers or are (at least) keeping an open mind.

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