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4 Signs You Have Experienced Past Lives

4 Signs You Have Experienced Past Lives

Past lives have been a mystery for thousands of years and many people have created their own theories for why we might have lived them and what purpose they serve. Many people describe past lives as lessons and experiences that lead us to enlightenment. Some believe that we live multiple past lives because we just haven’t gotten it right yet. That we are supposed to keep living these lives over and over again until we are full enlightened, which may take hundreds of years.

If you have experienced déjà vu before, then you know the familiar feeling of being some place, in a situation or with someone before. Many people believe that this common déjà vu experience is also connected to the experience of having past lives. If you have ever questioned whether you have experienced past lives, here are 4 signs to look out for.

Fears That You Cannot Explain

If you have irrational fears of places, people or events that you cannot explain and that you never have had any connection to, chances are you had some trauma in a past life and it stuck with you. This can cause some frustration and may deeply affect how you live your life. You may need some help from a spiritual advisor, counselor or past life regression therapist to resolve some of these fears.

Multiple Déjà Vu Experiences

Déjà Vu is known as a strange phenomenon where you feel as though you have already been somewhere before, met someone before or seen something before. It is a very familiar type of feeling that can really make you question the spiritual world and idea of past lives. If you frequently experience these types of experiences, you most likely have lived a past life or many lives before. These little bits of memory keep safe in your spiritual unconsciousness and will always pop up here and there as you connect with the past through your present moments.

Are Your Dreams Confusing?

If you sense confusion in your current dreams it may be because your unconscious self is trying to find some connection to the people or images that are encountered. If you have noticed that someone you love appears in a different form or is an entirely different person, this may be telling you that you have lived past lives and met these people before.

Specific Talents Emerge

If you find that you start to show signs of talents you didn’t even know you had, this may be a sign you have lived a past life. For example, one day you sit at a piano and you notice that you actually know how to play a tune, but have never played the piano before. This might be because you have played the piano in one of your past lives. You just never know. You may have been a famous painter, a great musician or a powerful leader!

There are no limits to who we might of been in our past lives. If you are experiencing hardship right now, this does not mean you went through rough times in your past lives and are doomed to keep going through them, life after life. As we discover more about our past lives, we can work on who we are today, change our path and live a life that leads towards enlightenment.

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