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Is He or She the Right Partner for You?

Is He or She the Right Partner for You?

Whether you recently started dating someone or if your already in an exclusive relationship, it is easy to have doubts regarding your chosen partner. Do you feel unsure about whether they will be the one for you? If you are questioning whether your partner is the right one for you, take a look at some important and valuable must-have relationship traits below which will help you with your final decision.

Unconditional Love

Does your partner support you through rough times or if you are having a 'down' day? Do they forgive you for minor mistakes that occur, or do they put you down and constantly remind you of them over and over again? If your partner has your back when the going gets tough, chances are you have a solid and caring person in your life. This is extremely hard to find, so make sure you think it through before calling it quits.

Humor is the Best Medicine

Do they make you laugh or smile? Does your partner entertain you when you need it the most? Do they try to bring lightness to dark moments and positive outlooks to situations that may not seem to have a silver lining? All of these efforts are valuable in someone who loves you. If humor is important to you then you definitely need a partner who can look at the brighter side of life.

Friends Make Great Couples

If you have a great friendship or started out as friends, you already have a strong base for a long lasting relationship. If you can turn to your partner and talk about anything that comes to mind, depend on them for support and advice when needed, or if you can play endless games of air hockey and work on projects together without ever getting bored of each other, you have a friend. Think about when you were a kid and how your best friend and you were a team and overcame obstacles together. The same goes for a relationship. Long lasting relationships require friendship.

Trust and Honesty

Do you trust each other with your innermost thoughts and refrain from editing your thoughts and feelings before sharing them? When you tell your partner something private, does it stay private? If your partner goes and shares your private secrets with his or her friends, boundaries are being broken and it needs to be worked on.

A Better You

Does your partner bring out the best qualities in you? If your partner encourages you to be the best you can be and to shine, they might be the one for you. If you want to improve yourself and feel that your partner is extremely supportive as you make changes, you may have a keeper. When partners root for each other and encourage each other to become better people, you may have something truly special going.

Values, Goals and Beliefs

Do you share some of the same goals or beliefs? If you have values, beliefs and future goals in common, this can be the best type of grounding for a long and happy relationship. Solid relationships are at their best when there is a common belief system.

These are only a few relationship traits that may help you decide whether he or she is right for you. Usually your gut will tell you if a person is right for you and you must trust it. If you have red flags popping up all over the place with your new partner, you might want to talk about them for more clarity, work on solutions as a team or move on all together.

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