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How to Land the Perfect Partner

How to Land the Perfect Partner

Do you lay awake at night alone and wonder how to land the perfect partner? Do not worry. You are not the only one and you still have time to find them. If you keep your chin up and take the following helpful hints to heart, it may not be long before you are lying in bed with your soul mate!

Stop Looking Like You Are Looking

Sadly, some people who are looking for love put off a desperate vibe which actually repels true love. A real and solid relationship is not made from neediness and co-dependency, so desperation can be a major red flag for any future prospects.

Time and time again, people tell me they met their mate when they became more emotional and financially independent and stopped looking so hard. Being self-confident and self-assured while single is more likely to draw in a perfect partner than blatant attention seeking tactics.

Make Yourself Available

Oftentimes we get stuck in a routine of complacency with our level of fitness, grooming and fashion. Browse some Tumblr or Pinterest feeds and see what the new trends are and invest a little time and money into your fresh, new and attractive appearance. Looking your best will fill you with enough self-pride to want to start flirting again.

It is all too common for those coming out of a long term relationship to have forgotten how to flirt and to look available. A lack of flirtatiousness can send a false signal that you are already involved with someone. Break free of this bubble from the past and let yourself shine for others to see by touching their arm or playing with your hair.

Do Not Settle for Less

Remember, sometimes finding a soul mate can take a lot of trial and error. Learn to rely on your instincts. Instincts are usually correct when it comes to relationships. Really listen to your gut instinct and make moves based upon them, to ensure that you do not sell yourself short

Do not become discouraged and give up hope during your quest. Not only is hopelessness depressing and demotivating, it also causes people who want to land their perfect partner to settle for less in the love department. When you settle for less, you give up the chance to meet your one true love.

Turn the Tables Around

When you imagine your ideal significant other, what qualities come to mind? Maybe you want a partner who is loyal, stable and fun, for example. Now turn the tables around and look at yourself. Do you have these characteristics? A little bit of self-examination can open your eyes to what you yourself have to offer another.

Generally, people look for someone on the same level as themselves. If you are searching for someone who is very loyal, make sure that you are just as loyal. This will attract someone who is also looking for a loyal and monogamous relationship.

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