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Forever Stuck in the Friend Zone?

Forever Stuck in the Friend Zone?

Tired of trying to get the guy or girl of your dreams, only to end up in the friend zone? You are not alone. But, is the friend zone forever and is it truly a bad place to be stuck?

What is the Friend Zone?

The friend zone is a sort of relationship purgatory, which occurs when two people share different types of love for one another.

One friend feels a romantic and sexual love towards the other and the object of affection feels only friendly, non-physically driven emotions in regards to the status of their past, current and future relationship.

Is the Friend Zone Really a Bad Thing?

This label results in a sensation of being stuck at an arm's length away from the person who seems to be your one true love, which raises the question: Do soulmates have to be a sexual or romantic partner, or can a friend be a soulmate?

Although it can be very frustrating at times, especially if there is strong physical attraction involved, being in the friend zone can be an honor and a privilege. You may be privy to inside information, which can be of tremendous assistance in getting to know the real desires and requirements needed to make it as their life partner.

Using a Friend Zoned Person as a Confidant?

Often consulted in times of distress and while dating, the best friend role is not to be dismissed or looked down upon as being lesser than. Confidants play a significant role in your life.

However, friends can have an ulterior motive; one that suits their needs and wants in life. Beware of manipulative advice from any friend that's either secretly or openly in love with you, as the opinion could be tainted by an ulterior motive.

Is the Friend Zone Physical?

Physically, the friend zone feels like a vast expanse as large and desolate as the Serengeti during a drought. Longing for their touch from a far distance is quite uncomfortable, as unrequited desires and lust can impair good judgment and listening skills- both of which a friend requires.

But remember, if you want to keep your love hidden, physical contact could blow your cover. Even a simple touch on the arm, aptitude for long hugs or sitting very closely can send the, "I want more," signal.

And, touching your crush without a reciprocated level of attraction generates feelings of rejection on your part and shows a lack of respect for their physical boundaries, space and privacy on your part.

Is the Friend Zone Forever?

Absolutely not. Within the restraints of the warm and safe companionship offered by your friendship, the closeness you have for one another will only grow stronger. Through this extended period of friendly communication, if it is truly meant to be, one day there will certainly be intimacy.

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