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Are You Codependent?

Are You Codependent?

Are you reaching your wit's end when it comes to fostering healthier and happier relationships? You could be codependent. Find out the telltale signs and symptoms of codependency and how you can overcome them.

Awareness and understanding of the definition of codependency is the first step towards a positive change. Mental health and addiction sciences define codependency as a cyclical relationship between someone who needs to need the other due to inability to fully care for themselves emotionally, spiritually, or financially and an overly loyal, giving, and therefore enabling caregiver.

Codependency significantly differs from dependency, which is a loving, caring back-and-forth that mutually benefits both parties' mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, people with disabilities that limit physical or intellectual independence, and their dedicated caregivers are exempt from codependent classifications.

If you feel you are a participant in a codependent relationship after reading the signs and symptoms, there is hope. Keep reading to find out ways to conquer your codependency and find a more advantageous foundation for all of the important relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself.

Five Signs of Codependent Relationships

  1. Complete denial or constant rationalization of one-sided relationships, no matter if it involves a friend, spouse, relative or significant other.
  2. Self-esteem and self-worth are entirely dependent on the other person.
  3. There is difficulty identifying and therefore expressing your emotions as an individual.
  4. You are experiencing overwhelming guilt for having personal desires and needs.
  5. All give and no take on one person’s part, all take and no give on the other persons.

Five Symptoms of Codependent Behavior

  1. Relationship with another is a top priority over self-care, other relationships, hobbies, and career, causing detriment.
  2. Depleting all your energy and dedicating all your time to the other person.
  3. You cannot imagine life apart due to a lack of personal identity.
  4. People who care for you outside of the relationship often express their concern about its unhealthy nature.
  5. You are finding no joy or fulfillment in anything other than helping or being helped by the other individual.

Five Ways to Overcome Codependency

  1. Frequently it is helpful to talk with others who are in the same codependent relationship cycle but are in the process of breaking free and recovering. Look online for support groups in your area or attend them virtually if they are not local.
  2. Take an honest self-inventory when slipping into old relationship patterns to avoid repeating the pattern.
  3. Assess the need for personal boundaries and consistently implement them as needed.
  4. Learn to love yourself more so you will rely less on outside relationships in general.
  5. Turn to a clinical professional for medical help through regular therapy or counseling sessions.

In conclusion, codependency may feel like love, but it is not a real give and take kind of loving relationship. Although it is an unhealthy pattern, it is easily identifiable through these five signs of codependent relationships. Fortunately, the five codependency symptoms are stoppable, allowing your self-value and personal and professional associations to thrive.

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