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6 Signs He Is in Love with You

6 Signs He Is in Love with You

We all want to be loved, and when we fall in love with another person, it is as though we have won the relationship jackpot! But what if you are the type of person who expresses your feelings and love while your partner keeps his feelings deep down and private?

If you have been wondering whether your new boyfriend is in love with you, but you don’t really want to ask him, there are some sure-fire signs that he is already in love with you. While just one of these signs definitely confirms he “likes” you, you’ll probably need to witness a few of these actions to absolutely guarantee you are the one holding his heart.

You Have Met His Family

If you have already gone to his home and met his family, or if you’ve been invited for a family dinner at a restaurant or at home, your guy is definitely looking at you in a different light. Men are private souls most of the time, and it may take him time to introduce you to his family. He knows that his family may expose some of his personal side, not to mention the embarrassing baby photos, and he wants to make sure that you are someone special first.

He Talks about the Future, and You’re in It!

If your guy tends to throw out phrases like “we should go here” or “we must see that movie someday”, chances are you are already very special to him, and he has love for you. If you are included in his future plans, he sees you as being a part of his future. While there may not be wedding bells just yet, he is definitely holding some serious love vibes for you.

He Sees You as a Team

If you and your guy already work as a team when it comes to sports, arranging outings, working on a project or making decisions, this is a good sign. A man who works together and compromises with you is one who doesn’t want to let you go.

He Loves PDA!

If your guy is always reaching out for your hand, touching you or kissing you in public, chances are his heart is going pitter patter for you. If public displays of affection (PDA) do not make him run and hide, he is very proud to have you on his arm. This “us against the world” feeling definitely stems from love and adoration.

He Apologizes When Wrong

A man who apologizes knows that he has something great to lose if he doesn’t make things right… And fast! If your guy apologizes when he is clearly wrong about something, he’s a keeper and already has those “lovey-dovey” feelings for you.

He Is the First One to Say It

A man who says the three famous little words “I love you” first is in love with you. There aren’t many men who would say these words first to a woman, and put themselves out there on the chopping block for ultimate rejection. If he says it, believe him and accept that he is telling you how he really feels.

There are numerous other signs that can tell you that he loves you, but these are the most popular actions taken by men in love. If your man has shown all of these signs, you might be planning a wedding someday soon.

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