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National Singles Day—A Day to Celebrate You

National Singles Day—A Day to Celebrate You

All you need is love! Love is all you need—countless songs, movies, novels, and holidays give praise and precedence to romantic relationships. However, we are all born single, and not all of us are consistently romantically linked. So, where is the love for all of the singles out there? Well, September 22nd of this year marks National Singles Day, a day to celebrate those that are not currently romantically coupled. Either by choice or by current circumstance, those that wish to celebrate themselves on this day can take empowerment in being alone while exercising self-acceptance and self-love!

Who is Single Nowadays?

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that about 45% of US residents over the age of 18 are single. That makes over 110 million singles! There are many rapid changes in modern-day dating and relationship trends due to the internet and social media, and singles are increasing in numbers. Because of this increase, the diversity of those that are single is also developing. Traditionally seen as old maids or noncommittal bachelors, singles of the modern world are now more unique, vibrant, and active contributors to their communities and workplaces not relying on familiar romantic narratives.

Younger generations are now opting to stay single longer, some singles are choosing to raise children outside of wedlock, and others are taking the extra time and freedom to develop their education, careers, and interests. National Singles Day works to honor these people as a legitimate—and growing—portion of our communities!

How to Celebrate and Embrace Being Single

Single and unsure of how to celebrate this year? There are plenty of fun and satisfying ways to honor your singledom this holiday:

1. Delete Your Ex
Instead of this holiday reminding you of past failures or disappointments of past relationships, take the opportunity to clear your life of your ex or exes for good! Delete their number off your phone and their profile from all of your social media accounts.

2. Go Out
Either by yourself or with friends, use the freedom and spirit of the holiday to have some light-hearted fun. You never know what other singles are hitting the town that you may meet! Keep one thing in mind, though, the day is still all about you.

3. Create a Ritual
For those that wish to keep to themselves this holiday, create a personalized ritual that celebrates you and what you love about yourself. This can be as simple as indulging in your favorite meal, binging on TV, buying a weekend getaway for one, or doing your favorite hobby. Many will take it farther by planning elaborate marriage ceremonies—where they marry themselves and commit to loving themselves through thick and thin!

No longer always a negative thing, staying single can mean so much for your sense of self-acceptance as it allows you to focus on yourself, your goals, and your happiness. Remember, we are our best selves when we accept ourselves. Take the time to embrace in you this National Singles Day and reach new heights this season!

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