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Celebrate Mother Earth

Celebrate Mother Earth

Each year, as spring blossoms into action the world observes Earth Day on April 22nd. This day was set aside to bring awareness to environmental issues, inspire action and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the environment.

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day was designed as a day to advocate for environmental awareness, and people observed it all throughout the country. At first, Earth Day occurred once a decade in the United States. However, Earth Day 1990 was a landmark celebration that took the Earth Day movement global. Then Earth Day 2000 was the first year that used the power of the Internet as a way to organize and inform citizens about actions. Currently, Earth Day is no longer celebrated once a decade, but each and every year on April 22nd.

Whether you join in a river cleanup, participate in a recycling drive, attend an Earth Day festival or organize a project that is near and dear to your heart, Earth Day is an excellent time to reflect on the wonders of Earth and take action to protect our only home. If you find yourself wondering what to do this year, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day 2017.

Join With Others

There will be countless opportunities for you to join with others in your community who care about protecting the Earth and celebrating peace this Earth Day. A simple Internet search can help you discover Earth Day festivals and events in your community. These events provide a great way for you to meet others while making a difference. Whether you have an environmental cause close to your heart or are new to environmental activism, use this day as a chance to make a difference in your community.

Go Green For A Day

Make an effort to go green for a day in any way, small or large, that works for you. Take a look at your daily routine and see where you can make tweaks that are better for the environment. Can you walk or ride your bike instead of driving or carpool to work?

Spend the day going through all the items that you’ve held on to for no good reason and responsibly dispose of the goods. Take the time to drop off those old paint cans and outdated electronics at your local hazardous waste drop-off point or e-recycling facility

With spring in full blossom, Earth Day can serve as the perfect time to plant a garden full of fruits and vegetables. If you lack a green thumb, try going meatless for the day or educating yourself on sustainable food sources. Not only will these changes help the Earth, but it may also help you expand your diet and improve your nutrition.

Whether you participate in community cleanups, recycling drives or a day of vegetarian fare, let Earth Day be the inspiration for making the world a better place each day going forward.

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