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What Your Zodiac Says About Your Health Pt. 2

What Your Zodiac Says About Your Health Pt. 2

Our minds and bodies are intricately connected just as all things in the universe. Our placement in the stars, or zodiac, provides us with predetermined personality traits that affect the way we move around that universe. See what your star placement has to say about what health vulnerabilities you have—and how to combat them!

Libra: Bladder Problems

Libra is the ultimate sign of balance and fairness! Libras are ruled by the kidneys and bladder. These organs can come all out of whack when the Libra is stressed or overwhelmed. With careful attention to their food intake and nutrition, their body will achieve the flawless equilibrium they are notorious for.

Scorpio : Dehydration

Just because Scorpio is a water sign doesn’t mean they are hydrated! The biggest wealth woe for the Scorpio is a lack of proper hydration and water retention. Lovers of the depths of all things, it is essential for them to drink plenty of water, which they might not do. Keeping water a large part of their self-care regimen, the Scorpio will remain afloat!

Sagittarius : Back and Neck Problems

Never satisfied with the status quo and always doing everything to excess, the Sagittarius holds plenty of tension in essential places. The necks and backs of the Sagittarius are often stiff and in need of regular massages or yoga to release toxins from their system.

Capricorn : Knee and Joint Problems

Capricorns know how to get stuff done! Hard-working and always dependable to a fault, the Capricorn will find their joints are prone to soreness, strain, and painful tension. Short daily exercises for knees, shoulders, and ankles will soothe over any tightness.

Aquarius : Injuries

Aquarius’ always have their heads in the clouds dreaming about how to make the world a better place. It is common for the Aquarius to be aloof and haphazard in real time because deep thoughts occupy their minds. If you find you have a few bumps and bruises, try relaxing and healing your body with plenty of Epsom salt baths.

Pisces : The Common Cold

It is not easy being the empath of the zodiac! Pisces are shaped by the emotions around them, and this can compromise their immune system. With a weakened immune system, things like the common cold are more common than average. Make an effort to stock on needed vitamins and rest will strengthen their defenses!

No matter your sign, there is no doubt that our minds, bodies, and universe are all connected. If you believe in your zodiac to show you things about who you are, then trust that they might also give you a hint to your health.

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