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What Your Zodiac Says About Your Health Pt. 1

What Your Zodiac Says About Your Health Pt. 1

Not just a basic personality template, our zodiac signs also offer insight into the complicated relationship between the mind and the body. What your mind has a problem processing will affect your overall health and leave you vulnerable to specific health-related problems. Don’t fret! Find out what your sign means about your health and how you can create more harmony between your mind, body, and spirit!

Aries: Headaches

As a fire sign, Aries tend to be quick to ignite! The ram is a notoriously hot-headed animal that is ready to take charge and duel at any moment. Due to such fiery, hot-headed energy, the Aries might find themselves plagued by frequent headaches and migraines. Do not fear! A consistent self-care routine that includes a simple head massage and some light meditation will work wonders to keep the Aries’ head clear and at ease. Keep taking charge with confidence!

Taurus: Ear and Throat Infections

Sometimes stubborn to a fault, the Taurus face many difficulties that affect their health. Ruled by the throat chakra, the Taurus may experience blockages in their ears and throat, causing significant infections and complications. Be sure to exercise your communication skills and make your voice heard to keep a working harmony between mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Gemini: Anxiety and Respiratory Issues

Having two personalities instead of one can be quite a tiring experience for the Gemini. Spontaneous, adventures, and ever-surprising, Geminis tend to over-exert themselves and forget to take a break to recharge. Overactivity will lead to anxiety that can result in more severe problems like anxiety attacks and respiratory issues. Taking time to reflect and rest weekly will help ease some of the stress and achieve more balance.

Cancer: Depression

Natural nurturers, Cancers might get themselves into many health woes by neglecting to check in with themselves. Internalizing other loved one’s afflictions, fears, and worries can lead to severe depression. To combat depression, Cancers should allow an outlet to express their feelings more often with themselves and loved ones. Cancers will begin to feel more in control of their emotions and overall wellbeing.

Leo: Heart Palpitations

Leos are intense beings—for better or for worse. Aroused by excitement, the Leo can feel equally upset if they experience negativity. These extreme ups and downs can cause heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats. Meditation for Leos is a sure-fire way to bring themselves back to their breath and to center.

Virgo: Ulcers

Virgos use their multi-tasking and highly organized energy to make things more efficient for themselves and those around them. In a world prone to chaos, this can be a lot to chew. Without proper relaxation and self-care, the Virgo can become plagued with digestive issues and stomach ulcers. With some intentional “you” time and a healthy diet, you can get back to ruling the world.

Don’t let the stars write your health woes forever. Take charge and create balance today!

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