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Qigong: A Gentle Way to Heal Yourself

Qigong:  A Gentle Way to Heal Yourself

Energy healing in the form of Qigong, which is one of the elements of traditional Chinese medicine, is one of the most accessible and gentle practices that you can master when productively maintaining your well being.

The concept of Qi, which is pronounced “chee,” is that of the energy life force that flows within your body. This energy can become limited or blocked and Qigong can encourage it to be more plentiful and fluid. “Gong” refers to garnering the Qi, restoring it to the natural flow it was intended to have. The practice of Qigong involves slow and purposeful movements, concentrated breathing and a gentle directing of energy.

No matter what state of health you are in, Qigong can be an amazing contribution to your wellbeing. Even the most infirmed person can be seen by a Qigong healer, who will concentrate and direct their energy as well as their patient’s energy to get more than satisfactory results. Qigong is comprised of gentle yet effective techniques that can be done whether you are sitting, standing or even bedridden so anyone of any age with any affliction can benefit from it.

Qigong practitioners bring the patient to a very relaxed state of mind and run their hands just above the patient’s body but never actually make tangible physical contact. A few sessions are usually required to see maximum results, but patients swear that the first session yields more resolve than they expected. Patients lying on their stomach to have healing done on the spine and shoulder areas can’t see the Qigong healer, but can feel the manipulation or unblocking of energies as the healer directs the flow above them.

Some claim they feel sensations somewhat like a sexual orgasm, but occurring where their injuries had been accumulated. Qigong healers sort of map out patients and pinpoint blockages to open using meridians and organs as the guides and interject their own energy to help bring the patient’s body back into balance.

There are thousands of different types of Qigong worldwide, but only a few methods are making headway in western societies. Its reputation for aiding those with chronic illnesses is attracting much attention and exploration in the medical arenas, especially in regards to brain cancer. Clinical studies that are currently underway point to the possibility of Qigong being able to shrink inoperable brain tumors.

In China, there used to be a free Qigong hospital that successfully treated thousands from all over the globe, but the Chinese Government closed it down in 2001 without a clear-cut reason. At that same hospital, it is documented that one man cured himself of Leukemia. He still practices and teaches Qigong today.

If you are recovering from severe illness or challenged by something like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Qigong is ideal. It can help you to get back into shape and cultivate more physical energy. Other ailments that Qigong has been noted to improve are: Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Headaches and chronic pain. Some people see a change of improvement in their vision, concentration and memory even after their first session of practice.

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