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March Ahead with March Birthstones

March Ahead with March Birthstones

Blessed are those born in the third month of the year. Why? They have two very beneficial birthstones, aquamarine, and bloodstone. Learn more about these dazzling gemstones so you can harness their power and increase your well-being.

Are you feeling as mad as a March hare? Uplift your outlook by wearing one of these wonderful gems. Each of these unique stones is historically famous for promoting luck, love, and improving physical health.

Not sure which one is right for your particular needs? Familiarize yourself with their fabulous appearance and ancient lore before you go out and buy or request one for your birthday.


This aesthetically pleasing quartz is a glassy or waxy green color with red drops or streaks running throughout. Jewelers often refer to it as blood jasper, or heliotrope meaning, "sun turner," in Greek. This blood-red color inspired many cultures through history to utilize it for healing.

People in the Middle Ages employed it for such mystical medicinal purposes, such as for clotting bleeding wounds and stopping hemorrhaging. Similarly, Babylonians used bloodstone amulets as a means of curing blood disorders.

Ancient Egyptians also revered this stone as they believed it was a means of significantly increasing their physical strength during times of duress. Nowadays, it is still considered to be an emblem of good luck and fitness. So, march in protest against poor health while sporting the eye-catching, opaque elegance of a bloodstone.


True to its name, the aquamarine was once favored by superstitious seafarers for its ability to bring about calm waters while sailing. In Medieval Times it was commonly ground up and used in various health potions, worn to ward off sickness, and prevent bodily harm during battles.

Additionally, this traditional stone is often worn by brides to ensure a long, happy, and blissful love life. For a nineteenth wedding anniversary, it is a gift which is said to bring the couple closer together and help to reignite their love for one another.

An exquisite, translucent blue stone, it is in the same gem family as its green cousin, the emerald. Its glimmering pale blue color is prized for its calming presence, invoking a sense of peace and serenity to its wearer. This month, march in time with love, wellness, and tranquility by channeling the essence of the aquamarine.

So, whether you or your loved one is an Aries or Pisces, it is inevitable these two beautiful birthstones will reward you both. When shopping for a birthday present for yourself or a special gift for them, bear these beguiling gems in mind.

March to the beat of your own drummer? Skip the usual jewelry items and go for something custom made out of both of these to proudly display both of your birthstones. Not only will it be gorgeous to look at, but you could also experience better health through the healing properties of aquamarine and bloodstone.

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