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Going Vegan: Tips for Beginners

Going Vegan: Tips for Beginners

Whether you’ve discovered a newfound sense of duty to the environment, food sensitivity, or a desire to better your health, going vegan is a sure-fire way to benefit a wide variety of things in your life. Veganism is becoming more and more mainstream as people from all walks of life unearth the benefits of an animal product free lifestyle. Just because veganism is widespread, doesn’t mean it’s easy and if you are considering making the transition, the following tips will eliminate some of the roadblocks along the way.

1. Uncover and Know Your Truth

Going vegan should not be a flippant decision—it is a significant shift in diet and lifestyle that will affect everything from grocery to clothes shopping, eating out and meal prepping. If you are not grounded in your reasons for going vegan, it may be difficult to remain committed to this change.

2. Educate Yourself

The environmental impact of factory farming, unethical treatment of animals, and the unsavory health effects of meat—there is a lot to catch up on! Just like with any new undertaking, knowledge is power. Be sure to do your research and become familiar with the all-around benefits of veganism so you can help spread the message to friends and loved ones.

3. Discover New Comforts

Let’s face it—food is a comfort, and this can make it hard to say goodbye to foods that have been around for years! But, variety is the spice of life! Make it a new habit to incorporate new foods into your diet until you find your new vegan obsession. Purple kale, red beets, rainbow chard, these are all wonderfully nutritious and delicious foods that are good for your soul AND your body!

4. Find Your Community

Going vegan can be a bit intimidating, especially when starting out. Support from other vegans is essential to gain your footing. Check out local vegan meet-up groups to swap recipe ideas, share brands of clothing that are vegan-friendly, or engage with the environment together. Community support makes the world go-round!

5. Stand Firm and Be Proactive

Not all restaurants have incorporated vegan options, and this goes for family and friend gatherings as well. Make this transition as easy as possible and call ahead to ask what vegan options are available at your local restaurants or make a vegan meal to bring to the occasion—who knows, you may be able to convince someone else to go vegan with your delicious recipe!

You’ve made a wonderful pledge to the environment, animals, and yourself once you’ve chosen to go vegan. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfect at first, a vegan lifestyle takes a lot of research, commitment, and drive. If you are led astray, don’t give up on yourself and get back on your path! There’s no need to dwell, be kind and trust that all that takes time is well worth the effort!

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