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Do-It-Yourself Dietary Detox

Do-It-Yourself Dietary Detox

DIY detoxification through nutrition is simpler than it seems. Purge all those built-up toxins in your body through these specific food and drink choices which are easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

Detoxing promotes better health through the cleansing of the body’s digestive, immune, and lymphatic systems as well as essential organs like the lungs, kidney, liver, and skin. Indicators for the need to use detoxifying include symptoms like lethargy, constantly craving sweets, gassiness, constipation, dry and yellowing skin, worsening body odor, catching colds, and mood swings.

A vast array of premade detoxification supplements and herbal tea blends already exist on the open market. However, since they are not medicines there is no FDA approval for them to treat or eliminate toxins. In fact, many prepackaged detox items are deemed to actually be harmful to the human body by the US Food and Drug Administration due to their dubious ingredients.

Therefore, it is advisable to use minimally processed foods and drinks to create your own detox diet as opposed to buying them in powder or pill form. But which foodstuffs make the biggest impact on your overall physical health? Let’s find out in this comprehensive list of the best do-it-yourself detox ingredients.


Eat some asparagus and your kidneys will thank you. Why? Asparagus contains glutathione giving it diuretic properties which flush out toxins and can even prevent the growth of kidney stones.


Betalain pigments help beets increase bile production in the belly which clear out toxins from the liver thereby helping it to better do its essential job. Beet’s betalains also bind to toxins and allow passage out of the body through eliminations.


Successfully removing toxic metal particles from the body is what makes seaweed so famous and valuable in regard to detox diets. Toxin removal is possible because seaweed contains sodium alginate but since it contains vitamin C it also helps boost your immune system.


The two active proponents of artichokes which provide detox are cynarin and silymarin. Not only do artichokes help heal a damaged liver, eating them may assist in growing new liver tissue as well.


A wedge of lemon a day can keep the toxins at bay. Rich in vitamin C, a vital component to a detox diet and to the health of your immune system, lemons also assist in ousting toxins through increased urination.


A aromatic, orange-colored spice which is a tasty component of curry sauces, turmeric contains the strong detoxifying element curcumin. Helping to reduce inflammation and eliminate free radicals and purge bacteria from your largest organ, the skin.


It seems like common sense to drink plenty of water to keep your body functioning optimally, but according to recent studies nearly three quarters of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Adults require 48-64 ounces of liquid water per day to maintain proper hydration and detoxification.

By now you are well acquainted with the delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-implement edibles included in a DIY detox diet. Not into eating these as solid fares? Try blending them into a drinkable smoothie to reap their healthy detoxifying benefits without having to chew. Why wait? Start putting them to work for you.

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