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Chromotherapy For Beginners

Chromotherapy For Beginners

Color allows us to see and experience all of the beauty in our world. As most know, color is made up of energy, and people experience specific emotions and moods while perceiving different colors. The alternative medical practice of chromotherapy is based on the careful use of color and has convincing results for people of varying needs.

If you want to brighten up your mood, cleanse a space, or inspire your creative senses, chromotherapy might be a useful practice to try. Below you will find the facts you need to start your journey to a more colorful mood and—life.

The Basics

It is true that personal experience with certain colors will often have an effect on an individual’s relationship with it or how they perceive it in the future. However, through research and ancient wisdom, we can gather that all of us associate these emotions with the following colors:

  • Yellow: optimism, happiness, liveliness
  • White: clarity, freshness, innocence
  • Red: conviction, energy, vigor
  • Green: revitalization, peacefulness, success revitalization, peacefulness, success
  • Black: power, authority, strength
  • Blue: contemplation, creativity, focus
  • Purple: intuitiveness, wisdom, mystery

When You Want To Feel Energetic

If you find yourself in a bit of a physical slump and need to reawaken your energetic spirit, wear more reds and yellows. Both red and yellow do a great job at invigorating an energetic, more aggressive spirit that you will notice.

When You Need To Calm Down

We all struggle with anxiety on some level or another. If you find that this is a consistent problem, incorporating green and yellow into your wardrobe or perhaps as the paint on your bedroom wall, will help soothe your mood.

When You Need To Focus

Whether you want a more productive home or workspace, add some blue paint or décor. Blue encourages creativity while silencing other distractions. With all other concerns fading around you, blue will sharpen your focus so you can get some much-needed work accomplished.

When You Need To Connect With Your Intuition

Mixed in the modern bustle of the world, many feel the desire to reconnect with their intuitive nature. Purple is a good color to wear or surround yourself with if you are searching for ethereal energy. Purple is associated with the psychic and subconscious and will help you open doors to the messages that await you there.

When You Need To Get The Job

Black is a power color. It helps boost confidence and improves our self-image. When preparing for your next job interview or another important opportunity, dress in black to pump up your confidence and impress those around you.

An improved mood or reawakening of the senses can be as easy as a switch of wardrobe or a swath of new paint. With the aid of chromotherapy, it is easy to let color and the energies associated with them guide you to a healthier, brighter life.

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