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10 Amazing Benefits of Aromatherapy

10 Amazing Benefits of Aromatherapy

Many people are splurging on essential oils and diffusers in the act of self-care, or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. One thing that we all know is that trends come and go, but the ancient practice of aromatherapy and the powers of volatile plants are here to stay.

Below are the top ten surprising benefits of aromatherapy and what essential oils are needed to kick-off your new aromatherapy obsession.

Relieves Stress

In a fast-paced world with multiple daily demands, it is normal to feel in need of a little break. Essential oils such as vetiver, peppermint, and ylang-ylang aid in soothing anxiety. If you are battling anxiety attacks and other related episodes, lemon essential oil works to improve your mood when experiencing an overwhelming burst of negative energy.

Relieves Pain

Relief from both chronic and acute pain is possible with the intentional use of essential oils and is one of the most common uses for aromatherapy. Lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus oils are cited as some of the top healers of pain in aromatherapy practicers.

Works as an Antidepressant

Many that struggle with depression and similar disorders complain of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Whether essential oils are used in addition to another form of treatment or on their own, it is always best to seek psychological help or counseling if your depression worsens. Oils such as jasmine, lavender, and peppermint are most often used as antidepressants.

Increases Energy

Need help working yourself out of an energy slump? Essential oils will come to your rescue! If you want more vitality during your day or have high ambitions such as a new exercise routine, clove, tea tree, and rosemary do wonders to boost your energy levels.

Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines do a great job slowing down your day. If you are a frequent sufferer or are debilitated by them now and again, consider eucalyptus, peppermint, sandalwood or rosemary in a diffuser. You might also experience some relief placing these oils in small amounts—and with a carrier oil— on your temples or other areas around your forehead.

Regulates Sleep

Loss of sleep can be the cause or the result of many ailments. There is a wide range of essential oils that work to regulate your sleep habits for long-lasting effects. Oils such as lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, neroli, rose, and jasmine will work to get you back on schedule.

Boosts Immune System

A healthy immune system is a sign of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Often part of ourselves are not aligned and will create disharmony in the body. To help strengthen your immune system to give you a fighting chance, consider oregano, frankincense, lemon, peppermint, and cinnamon.

Helps Digestion

Research in this area of aromatherapy is still new, but a group of essential oils provides positive side effects in people suffering from digestive issues. Citrus-based essential oils can help troubles such as indigestion, constipation, and bloating. Try lemon and orange to get your tummy back to normal.

Helps Heal

The body is in a sensitive state when it is healing. Aromatherapy will help strengthen and speed up the healing process because of its microbial properties. Some of the most popular oils to jump-start healing in the body are rosehip, lavender, calendula, and buckthorn.

Strengthens Memory

Essential oils will aid in leading your brain out of the fog. If you need to clear your mind and connect more deeply with your experiences, try sage for its renowned ability to enhance and strengthen your memory.

As you get deeper into the use of aromatherapy, remember to focus on what healing you need while choosing your oils. A more informed practice will bring the best results!

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