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Am I Ready to Expand My Family?

Am I Ready to Expand My Family?

When considering if you are ready to expand your family or not, there are three major factors to consider: when is the right time, do I have enough free time and is a loving atmosphere in place?

First and foremost, time is the one commodity we can never replenish and as such, should be a priority. You need to look at whether or not it's the right time and if you have enough time. You should also take a look at the emotional atmosphere of your home. Is there an air of frustration and animosity or is your home loving, nurturing and supportive?

Let's delve deeper into these three vital factors!

The Right Time

Many say if you wait for the perfect time to start a family, or expand a family, then the time will never come. This sentiment is wise, as many individuals want everything perfect before trying a new challenge, adventure or endeavor. That's not the way life is, in any situation. Things will never be perfect, but there may be prime for success.

Having Enough Time

Take a look at your career. Between the hours you work, the time you invest in thinking about work when not there and any additional work involved in advancing your career, how much of your free time do you spend making ends meet?

When you come home from work are your thoughts immediately invested in your home life or are you lingering on work and career advancement before you get involved?

You must be able to take a step back on your way home and prepare for your family time. Time with your family is your break from career, the time you should be rejuvenating your soul, your energy and your love of life.

If you're not doing this now, start. You will find that the amount of enjoyment and soul nourishing you get from them will increase exponentially.

The Love Atmosphere

A loving home environment is going to be the cornerstone to expanding your family because a loving home can trump all other obstacles. A family that supports each other in all ways will always have room for more love. Love is the ultimate factor in a successful family of any size. It is the one factor that controls all others.

In today's society, we tend to de-emphasize how powerful love is in any family situation. When you love unconditionally, you will find ways to help them, even when things seem out of reach or borderline impossible. That is the power of familial love.

If you're asking if you're ready to expand your family, then you already are ready. Your heart is telling you the time is now but, your logical brain is throwing up obstacles for you to ponder. Follow your heart as it will lead you to the best places.

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