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5 Ways to Bond with Your Teen

5 Ways to Bond with Your Teen

Do you feel a bit tense around your teen relatives? Are you a little unsure of what to do with them or what to talk about? Then here are five tailor-made ways to keep close ties with teenage family members.

Remember, it is only natural for teens to begin to pull away from family affairs and instead want to socialize with their peers. However, squirms and eye rolls aside, with these five tips, it is possible to make sentimental memories with your teenage child, stepchild, grandchild, sibling, or any other familial relation.

1. Kickin' It in the Kitchen

The opportunity to create something delicious together is one of the most primal ways to connect. You can keep your family's recipes alive by making and eating them with your teen. Or, whip up something more modern they have seen on social media sites. Either way, the culinary skills you have are being passed down. Not a great cook? Preparing food is the perfect chance to learn and laugh together, displaying that learning is a lifelong journey

2. Talk About the Old Days

Sharing your personal and family history with your teen helps them realize how things were, where your descendants came from, and what they lived through. Be honest, as mistakes, struggles, hardship, and failures can be as valuable to a teen as the good times from back in the day. Start by telling them about your life when you were their age, as this is of particular interest to them.

3. Suggestions vs. Demands

As the elder in the relationship, it is tempting to feel compelled to correct a teen's mild misbehavior abruptly. Notoriously rebellious at this stage in life, tread lightly in this department. Alternately, try to focus on making gentle yet thorough suggestions versus shouting demands.

4. Money Matters

If they have not already, teens will soon be facing the harsh reality of making and managing their own money. Any financial experiences you have like how to save money while grocery shopping, get a bank account, or apply for a job are priceless pieces of information for your teens' future. Teach them age-appropriate means of financial responsibility

5. Teens and Transportation

Depending on their age, access to a vehicle, and state driving laws, you may or may not have a teen who can operate one. Nevertheless, their interest in one form of transportation or another is guaranteed. Find out what gets them going and explore it, like going to a car museum, off-roading in a 4-wheeler, driving a golf cart, or going to a motocross race.

So, by now, you have learned five ways to jump-start your relationships with teenage relatives. Use one or more of these methods for teen bonding during your next interaction and try not to get discouraged if it does not seem to get through to them immediately. Sure, they may not say, "Thank you," out loud to you right away, but they will be saying it in their head for the rest of their lives.

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