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What Do Sex Dreams Mean?

What Do Sex Dreams Mean?

Did you have a sexy dream, but you are unsure what it means? Find out about the many messages hidden within your lustful dreams as we explain the details and uncover the truth about possible intentions, deception, infidelity, and unrequited desires.

Sex dream interpretations vary greatly depending on what is currently happening in your life and the dreams' nature. However, there are general ways to interpret these sex dreams. Let's journey into your intimate encounters' possible meanings while dreaming by exploring who was featured in your sex dream.


You may be harboring a secret crush on someone who is just a friend, or your subconscious mind may see they have unspoken romantic feelings towards you. Take time to be honest with yourself while considering who is pining for whom. It could be time to get out of the friend zone or establish clear cut boundaries with your buddy.

Boss or Co-Worker

Office power dynamics may play a massive part in the secret meaning behind your work-oriented sex dream. It might be high time to explore your passion for getting a job promotion or getting to know fellow employees on a more personal level to determine if they are an ally or an enemy.


Although your relationship already bit the dust, this does not mean your brain has forgotten those feelings existed. Memories of your many hot times together do not simply disappear because you said, "I don't." It can take weeks, months or even years for your brain to catch up to your relationship's present non-sexual status as exes.

Potential Lover

That special person you desire but have yet to seal the deal within the bedroom has made their way into your dreams. Daytime fantasies turn into nighttime steamy, dreamy lust-driven dreams when you are yearning to take your relationship to the next level through a physical connection.

Significant Other

Having a dream about your companion sleeping with someone else can feel very real. Listen to your dream as it is calling the levels of commitment, loyalty, and fidelity in your relationship into question. While keeping in mind, your dream is not necessarily a current reality it is time to question their emotional faithfulness.

Unknown Identity

Faceless, masked, unidentifiable, or blurry human forms during fornication dreams symbolize the unknown when it comes to your sex life. Are you fearful of opening up about your needs to your partner? If you are unsatisfied with your current sex life your libido is screaming out in the form of a sex with a stranger dream.

Hopefully, you are now much more in-tune with the significant meanings behind your sex dreams. If the dream is recurring and you keep having it repeatedly, pay particular attention to it as it is trying to reveal vital information to your waking self. Use the clues in your sex dreams to determine how to address any sexual issues in your waking life so you can begin to resolve them.

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