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The 5 of the Most Common Dreams

The 5 of the Most Common Dreams

Have you ever really thought about your dreams? How is it that some people have the same dreams you do or why you have the same dream return over and over again? It is extremely common for many of us to have the same dream and usually they all represent the same underlying fears. While dreams may come and go, the recurring ones are the important ones to really look into and analyze further. If you are having any of these dreams below you should examine it more closely and figure out if there are any changes you can make in your "awake" life that may benefit you. Here are 5 of the most common dreams that people experience.

The Dream Where You Are Being Chased

If you are constantly being chased by people, monsters or an evil presence, you are most likely avoiding some sort of situation or scenario in your current daily life. Ask yourself if you are trying to get out of situation or avoiding any responsibility? If you are, you might want to make some changes so you can have a more peaceful rest. Our subconscious still runs throughout our sleep time and it knows when there is an issue or problem happening in our daily life.

Perhaps you are afraid of something in your past catching up to you, such as a lie or major decision you made? If you step up to the plate and address the problem or past problem you may be freed from these types of nightmares. Come clean and let your loved ones know the truth or take on your responsibilities and you will sleep more peacefully.

The Dreaded Falling Dream

The falling dream is among the top dreams that people report. Let's let go of one myth first. If you are falling and you do hit the ground, you are not going to die in real life. The falling dream pretty much tells you that you are losing control of a situation in your daily life. Maybe your career is turning into a dead end path or perhaps your relationship is suffering?

Your dreams are there as red flags to tell you something isn't going right in your daily life. Taking notice of this is very important. The falling dream may relate to finances, relationships, family issues, illness, health issues and so forth. The next time you have a falling dream, make sure you look at all of the parts of your life.

The Cheating Dream

This is surprisingly very common among people who have never had a cheating spouse or even cheated themselves. Usually this type of dream occurs if you are feeling insecure within your relationship or if your spouse is spending more time doing things that do not involve you. It isn't a reason to start searching through their phone or checking their emails. Remember that most of our dreams are only symbols and refer to other situations we need to address. Next time your spouse is cheating on you in your dream, talk to them about spending more quality time together doing activities you both enjoy.

The 'Old School' Dream

Many people experience the dream when they are back at school and usually it entails missing an exam, being locked out of a classroom, forgetting your locker combo and all sorts of frustrating events. This dream has actually been analyzed by many professional dream readers and it usually tends to be about your career. If you think about it, school was your first commitment and your first responsibility. You had to be on time, had to do reports and you needed to get good grades. If you keep going back to high school in your dream, chances are you need to look at your current job situation. Maybe a career change is in order?

Losing Teeth, One by One

This dream is so common and is actually more terrifying than falling for most. It has nothing to do with your looks. It has been mentioned before that teeth falling out in your dream means good fortune is coming your way, but it has also been analyzed further. It can represent how you have been speaking to others lately. If you have been gossiping it might be a good idea to stop or if you have been talking without thinking first and hurting other people's feelings, you might want to slow down and think. The teeth represent stability and if you have been saying all the wrong things and saying thoughts out loud that were better left unspoken, it is time for a behavioral change.

Dreams serve as tools for our future. Don't disregard a dream and say "Oh that was nothing." It could be a major red flag that you need to change something or your own behavior. Listen to your dreams and keep a notepad beside the bed for reference. They have deeper meanings than you might think. Stay aware of the messages that are coming to you and you will enjoy a more positive existence.

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