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Relationship Clues in Your Dreams

Relationship Clues in Your Dreams

Night after night you fall asleep, and your mind takes you on an incredible journey that may or may not make sense once you wake up and start your day. It's not unusual to turn to your dreams to make sense of what's going on in your life. You may find yourself asking if that nightmare was prophetic, or what it meant that you were flying over your hometown. Many times dream analysis is focused on the stresses and anxieties that you encounter in your daily life, but it can also reveal important facts about the health of your relationship.

Whether you fall asleep with the same partner night after night or go to bed hoping to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, your dreams serve as a powerful tool for exposing what is going on in your relationship.

What The Dream Means for Your Relationship

Breaking Up

Contrary to popular belief, a dream about breaking up with your partner doesn't portend doom for your relationship. Much like the death card in a tarot reading it signifies that the relationship is changing and going to the next level and that something will be left behind.


A construction dream, especially in the early stages of a relationship, can signify that you are building a foundation for your relationship. Look at how the building process goes and how can that relate to your new relationship. Do you need to pay better attention to workmanship or are you constructing a strong structure that can withstand the storms of life?


Dreams about dates are really about your relationship with yourself and getting to know yourself. A double date reveals the differences between your public and private self, while a blind date shows that you are in the process of getting to know hidden aspects of your personality. Pay attention to the person that is with you and ask yourself if any of their characteristics apply to you or what you can learn from them.

Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

It can be hard enough running into an ex while you're out in public, but it can be even worse when it's in your dreams. A dream about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend may serve as a warning that your new relationship is repeating negative patterns of former relationships. Be cautious and examine yourself and your new partner for warning signs from the past.


Just because you dream of cheating on your partner or that your partner is cheating on you doesn't mean it's happening. If you are the one engaging in adultery, it's a sign that your relationship is not meeting all your needs. If you are the victim of infidelity, it signals that there is an underlying mistrust of your partner or that you are feeling unappreciated.

It's always important to remember that your dreams don't always work in the most obvious ways. It can take an effort to figure out what your dreams are telling you and don't be afraid to look at the health of your relationship through your dreams. You may be surprised at what your heart reveals as you sleep.

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