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Better Sleep through Phytotherapy

Better Sleep through Phytotherapy

When having trouble turning in for the night, herbalists, shamans, naturalists, and homeopaths agree upon plants' medicinal power. Discover age-old and brand new plant-based natural sleep aid remedies that will rock you to sleep before you can count any sheep.

Since humans can have a tough time falling asleep, finding ways and means to get some much-needed rest is essential. To help in this at-night-plight, certain flowers, bark, roots, seeds, and leaves are harvested and used for their sleep-inducing properties. Find out which ones can sweet-talk you into having sweet dreams with these best plants for sleeping.

Before we begin with the list of phytotherapeutic plants for sleep, please note that not all herbal pharmaceuticals are free from side effects. To ensure you snooze safely, be sure to consult a healthcare professional to check for any potential prescription or over-the-counter drug interactions, allergies, prospects for misuse, and possible withdrawal symptoms before use.


With a smell safe enough for infants, the natural scent of lavender flowers relaxes the mind and body sufficiently for deep sleep to take place. Look for lotions, laundry detergents, soaps, and candles infused with lavender and use right before night-night.


Chamomile tea is a staple pantry item for insomniacs, which you can buy in nearly every supermarket. Boasting the antioxidant apigenin, a mild tranquilizer, drinking tea containing chamomile flowers can certainly coax your brain to bed.


With proven sedative effects for centuries, valerian root is still a favorite among those looking for herbal sleep solutions. You can reap benefits through chewing the root, brewing a tea, or using it in a liquid tincture solution.


Say goodbye to sleepless nights with motherwort. Motherwort's aroma both comforts and lulls with an effect akin to a Mother's warm hug. Try burning motherwort incense before bed or sprinkle some inside your pillow.


The fabulous fragrance of gardenia flower blossoms is so soothing; it can successfully promote sleepiness. A favorite among those who wake up frequently during the night, keeping a live gardenia plant in the bedroom is an extremely effective sedative.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a nervine medicine, meaning it calms the nerves and encourages rest. The versatile citrus-scented seeds of the lemon balm plant are readily incorporated into lotions, bath salts, and herbal teas to be used to increase the quality of your night's rest.

Magnolia Bark

Compared to prescription anti-anxiety medications, magnolia bark in powdered pill form eases the mind to make a healthy emotional atmosphere for sleep. A go-to shuteye aid in traditional Chinese medicine; it reduces adrenaline and anxiety, creating a mindset that is ready for shuteye.

While some of these plants are for soaking, some for sipping, and some simply for sniffing, rehabilitating the quality and duration of your sleep is possible using phytotherapy. Try them for yourself to support and supplement your upcoming sack time and siestas. Sweet dreams!

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