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Why Are You So Unsatisfied?

Why Are You So Unsatisfied?

Have you been feeling irritable, angry and unfulfilled lately? If you are feeling unsatisfied in all areas of your life, there may be some changes that need to take place. Whether you are unsatisfied with your relationship, your career path, your family atmosphere, your day job or yourself, it is important to look deeper, find out the cause and make the necessary changes to feel happy and balanced again.

Determining Which Area Needs Improvement

The best way to get started on this issue that is concerning you is to target the area. Are you feeling unsatisfied with all areas of your life? Or, just one area such as job, family, love or self-development? The sooner you can figure out which area of your life is bothering you and leaving you feeling empty, the sooner you can try to improve it and take action.

The Relationship Zone

Do you feel alone in your relationship? Do you constantly question if they are the one for you? Are you married and feel neglected or misunderstood? If you are questioning your relationship or feeling alone within it, you must start communicating more with your partner. Usually one person in the relationship feels alone while the other has no clue. This is where communication is an essential factor in the relationship.

The more you share your feelings with your significant other, the less you will feel dissatisfied and alone. Start talking about what's going on in your head and allow them to support you. You will start to feel much more satisfied as you share more of your concerns, goals and general everyday thoughts with your partner. After all, they are supposed to be your best friend in life. Let them in.

If you are single and unsatisfied with your love life, get out more. Stay busy with friends and family and keep active. Avoid staying at home Friday nights in your pajamas with a bag of potato chips. Get out and about and you will eventually find that love will come your way.

The Family Zone

Is it your family environment that is making you feel unsatisfied? Do you feel as though you need more family time together? Have you all been too busy to spend time together as a family? Has there been too much arguing lately? If you want to improve how your family works together as a unit, try communicating and working together on projects as a team. An excellent way to strengthen the family is to do activities together that involve everyone and require interaction and constant problem solving tactics together as a team. Great ideas for this are board games, building projects and even a fun game of paintball against another family. The more a family plays together the more everyone will feel more satisfied with their home life.

The Career and Day Job Zone

Jobs and careers are probably the most common factor when it comes to being unsatisfied. If you find you are dragging yourself to work every day and watching the clock constantly, you probably should change jobs. If your career path is bringing you down and causing you to burn out, stress or get physically ill, you should probably change careers.

Many people fall into a career that they thought they 'should' do instead of wanting it for themselves. It's never too late to change this. Go back to school, start a night school course and break into a whole new career. If you have a day job that pays by the hour, move on to another one where you believe you will feel happier. Job environment is very important to our mental and physical health. Find one that suits your personality and apply.

When You Are Unsatisfied With Yourself

If you are unhappy with yourself it is very important to find out what you want to change. Are you feeling unfit and want to feel and look healthier? Do you feel negative all the time? It's time to shine and allow your 'best' self to evolve. Start a fitness program at your local gym, write down 5 nice things about yourself each day and say them in the mirror and hang out with others that exude positivity. There is always time for a 'self' make over.

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