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Tips on How to Stay Productive In Every Area of Life

Tips on How to Stay Productive In Every Area of Life

Life hacks, self-help manuals, and so little time—there seems to always be the new “fix-it” cure to everyone’s productivity problem. What if we weren’t missing the tools to a more productive future, but instead lacked the objective? Below are three easy steps to not only help figure out what we want but also how to get it—fix your productivity issues once and for all for a more efficient and vibrant future.

Step One: Self-Assess and Focus

Don’t let those self-help books tell you what you need to fix—this is different for everyone. Our productivity blockages can be just as unique as we are, and it is essential to start your journey focusing on how your issue is personal to you and your circumstances.

Take a big step back and evaluate exactly what your main goal is. Once you isolate what you think is your goal, ask yourself, “Is this my core goal?” Keep asking this question and tease out what the driving force is behind your energy and focus—then stay clear of any behaviors that you notice are leading you astray.

Discovering the core is key—what is your guiding star? Research shows that having more than one goal reduces your chances of success. Simplify your goal, and the rest will begin to fall into place.

Step Two: Start Small—End Big

Once you’ve isolated your goal and began avoiding distracting behavior, it is time to make a plan. Don’t let the scale of your core goal fool you into thinking you can take one giant leap to achieve it. We have to start small so that we can end big.

To help you formalize a realistic plan, it might help to set a few manageable mini-goals per month, then make your way to daily mini goals. Once you get in the habit of making your productivity more and more a part of your regular flow, you won’t have to give any second thoughts to distracting behaviors, and your core goal will start to seem within your grasp.

Step Three: Reflect

Achieving the core goal is not where any journey ends. Reflection is just as critical as action, as everything we do carries a lesson we can continue to apply to our future goals. Think about how your productivity changed throughout this process—what tools have we sharpened and what new goals have we discovered? The sky is the limit!

Remember that there is no one “hack” that can miraculously grant you productivity. If you feel you are in a rut—know that you naturally own the tools you need to lift yourself out of it. Instead of letting what you think you lack hold you back, clear away what you no longer need to see where the core of your energy and productivity lies.

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