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Greatest Lucky Talismans

Greatest Lucky Talismans

Do you need more good luck? Now you can quickly discover which magical objects are thought to bring the best luck into your life!

The greatest lucky talismans come in a huge variety to suit the needs of every individual, no matter what your goals are. Find out how each one is lucky and then use the right one in order to invite the good luck in and keep the bad luck out.

Good luck charms are not one size fits all. So, feel free to pick more than one good luck talisman to use in your daily life. Mix and match or stick to one in particular which best suits you for the time being.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

Made from a real bunny paw and often turned into a keychain and dyed vivid colors, these soft amulets are most often made from hind feet. Traditionally they represent general good luck as well as enhanced fertility.

Lucky Clothing

Good luck from garb? Found in the form of anything from a little black dress for romantic luck to a favorite sports jersey worn by fans hoping to win the big game, garments hold significant power in the luck department.

Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

Most clovers have three leaves, so finding one with a rare count of four leaves is an indication of good luck coming your way. Popular in jewelry, these pretty plants are easy to keep around your neck or finger.

Lucky Penny

When you find a penny on the ground, and it is facing heads up, this is a sign of good fortune. Custom dictates for you to pick up the penny and put it in your pocket to have a lucky day.

Lucky Dice

Whether they are used for gaming or in the form of fuzzy dice hanging from your rearview mirror, a pair of lucky dice are a symbol of winning. This concept applies not just to gambling but to success in life.

Lucky Eyelash

The only talisman produced by the human body, when you shed an eyelash, it is said this is an opportunity for good luck. Merely hold the eyelash between your fingers, make a wish, blow it away, and it could come true for you.

Lucky Wishbones

The wishbone is found in turkeys, chicken, and ducks, and is an inedible two-pronged bone which is leftover after a meal. Customarily, two people are needed to gain the lucky end. Each person grabs a side and pulls, and whoever gets the larger side wins.

Lucky Candles

Once a year we get a chance to blow out birthday candles. Usually found on a cake or cupcake, this annual festivity is well known for being a chance to fulfill a wish. However, the request must be kept a secret, and your silence helps guarantee a positive outcome.

As you can see, as good luck comes in many forms, as do good luck charms. Since you now know your options, it is time to select the one or ones which speak to you the most. Put it to use in your life and enjoy the good fortune you receive from your good luck talisman!

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