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Achieve Your Dreams Through Writing

Achieve Your Dreams Through Writing

An excellent way to access and achieve your dreams is through the means of the written word.

You do not have to be a professional writer or a novelist to take advantage of the inspirational and valuable qualities of words. Many times, writing down even the smallest amount of text will still help you discover the ways and means to succeed. Sound good? Find out how right now with these useful writing tools.


A nearly effortless technique to tracking the progress of your goals is by writing in a calendar. Some people find an accessible one through their devices works best for referencing and convenience, while others prefer to track their steps on a paper wall calendar. Set long term goals a month or more ahead and write them on the date you hope to meet them by and then record your efforts to attain them daily or weekly to best stay on track.


Getting to know your innermost feelings and thoughts is not always an easy task, but it is tough to get what you want in life without knowing yourself. In times of stress or when you are confused, make some time to write about it. Getting it out on paper has a way of removing doubts, revealing the source of hesitations and making things much more apparent.

Dream Journal

What better place is there to get to know your dreams than in your dreams? Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand or use a voice-to-text application on your phone or tablet to capture details or main themes of your dreams. After one week of this practice, examine the writing while wide awake. Make a mental note of anything recurring or underlying. This may help you find out what has been working in your favor and what has kept you back.

Sticky Notes

Motivate yourself and reduce procrastination by leaving yourself helpful reminders on written sticky notes. Keep them simple and place them where you are most likely to see them or benefit the most from their message. To make them stick in your mind, change them out frequently so you will not learn to ignore them when you see them. Try various colors and shapes as well to promote high visibility and results.

List Making

Anyone who has gone grocery shopping without a list knows how difficult it is to plan multiple meals for the future without one. This is the same principle as making a list for your goals and dreams. With a well-written list for guidance, it’s already mapped out, leaving you with nothing to worry about. When you’re overwhelmed with tasks, stop and make a to-do list and suddenly the most pressing matters will reveal themselves.

Unsure about an upcoming decision? Here’s another opportunity to harness the power of list-making. What are the pros and cons of making a pros and cons list? The pros greatly outweigh the cons. Simply pin one side against the other to come up with the best solution for your best destiny.

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