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Smart Ways to Save

Smart Ways to Save

Determining which items and experiences to spend your hard earned money on can be very difficult. To make saving money easier on yourself, read these helpful pointers about some very easy ways to save both more time and more money.

Buying Name Brand Items

Although the name brand items have the most enticing packaging and the most memorable ads, what is inside of the box or container is nearly identical to the lesser priced store or off brand product. They are usually displayed side-by-side, so comparing ingredients or specs is time efficient and simple.

Eating at Restaurants

It is obvious that the price of food at a restaurant is higher than that of food found in a grocery store (check out the price on a box of pasta the next time you are out shopping), but the spending doesn’t just stop there. Consider the 20% tip, the gas it took to get to and from the restaurant and the possibly large amount of waiting time it took to get seated and order your meal. Eating out is a treat meant for a special occasion and it should be treated as such.

Staying in Hotels

Whenever possible, try to stay at hostels, campgrounds, or friends’ or relatives’ guest rooms instead of booking a hotel room on your next vacation or trip. If you must book at hotel, research for any deals online before committing to one lodging option.

Buying Clothes

Consignment and thrift shops offer many varieties of unused clothing that still have their original tags in place. Sometimes these items have been donated from individuals who never wore the garment, while other times a department store warehouse gets rid of their unsold merchandise. These brand new items, which were never sold, are referred to as “deadstock.” To save on time, ask a store employee where their deadstock items are before you spend time hunting for them.

Going to the Movies

If you absolutely must catch that feature film while it is on the big screen, but you are trying to pinch pennies, you have two options. One, you go during matinee hours or two, you wait until it is in a reduced priced theater (usually a week or two after it premiered at your local movie house).

Purchasing Gasoline

It seems like common sense to save on gas purchases, but so many of us drive so often that it can be tricky. The easiest ways to cut down on gas expenditures are: carpooling, riding a bike or walking and taking the bus (or other form of public transportation). In instances where these things are impossible to do, research purchasing a car with a more fuel efficient engine or plan your routes so that you have a clear cut driving plan before leaving the house or office.

Individual Items

Buying items in bulk can seem like a lot of hassle with little payoff at first, but the long term savings involved can make a believer out of any consumer. Be sure to only select nonperishable things which you need regularly, like paper products and staple foods.

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