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How To Create A Stress-Free Work Place

How To Create A Stress-Free Work Place

Let’s face it, work can be stressful because you are there to provide others with a service and a smile every day. Whether you are working behind a computer screen in the IT department, or working front desk at a hotel, there is always someone you must impress. This could be your boss or your customers.

Having to perform on a daily basis can build up stress levels within the body and make your days more difficult to manage. If you have been feeling drained lately and know you need to make some changes to your work environment, here are 5 excellent ways to improve your daily experience.

Keep Organized, Limit Mess

Do whatever it takes to stay mess-free. It is a known fact that the more mess and disorganization you have surrounding you equals the more stress you will feel. Start by attacking that messy desk of yours. If you work out of your home office, it is important to keep it mess-free as well. File things away, organize projects and make a to-do list.

Learn how to prioritize your work tasks so you can offer yourself more structure in the day. By the end of the day and after you have crossed off your tasks, you will feel a sense of relief and productivity. You can then enjoy a stress-free evening with loved ones and friends.

Add Some Of Your Own Personal Touches

Does your desk at work lack personality? Does it look plain and untouched by your presence? It might be time to add some of your personal touches to make you feel at home during the work day. We spend so many of our waking hours at work, so why not add a few family photos, a picture of your furry best friend or some colorful flowers. While you don’t want to stay at your desk for hours on end, it helps ease high stress levels when you have some of your favorite items around you.

Learn How To Actively Listen

Sometimes the way we listen at work can cause problems for us. If we have a difficult time concentrating and taking in all the information we receive during an office meeting or from the boss, we may encounter some problems. Practice and learn how to ground yourself and listen with your whole heart and mind.

Be present and absorb information. Ask questions when you are not clear and show your boss or colleagues that you understand the words being said. Active listening can greatly reduce the stress you may feel when you usually nod your head, run off and try to start a project without fully understanding what is required.

Practice Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are imperative in the workplace. Many people do not have the required skills for specific positions, but fall into certain roles anyways. If you feel as though you lack communication skills, you can always learn. Learn how to ask questions, answer accordingly and how to keep communication flowing on team projects. Ask for help when needed. Realize that there are no stupid questions and reach out. Asking for support in the workplace is a fantastic way to feel less alone and less stressed during the work day.

Learn How To Manage Distractions

Distractions can cause a lot of stress in a work environment. Phones ringing off the hook, constant emails coming in, people talking loudly on their phones, office jokesters causing trouble and your boss constantly breathing over your shoulder all serve as stressful distractions. Practice setting boundaries and learn how to say no to colleagues when you need time to get your work done.

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