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Getting Along with Coworkers

Getting Along with Coworkers

Whether you are a seasoned office veteran, entering into the workplace for the first time or returning after an extended absence, it is perfectly normal to get overwhelmed by office politics and find it challenging to get along with co-workers.

Share Information

When in doubt, always remember to be a team player by sharing data because it is by the far the very best way to foster good relationships at work. On the other hand, information hording and a refusal to train others properly are very common signs of co-workers who are not willing to be team players.

Maybe there is a new procedure to follow or a new program to use or a new sales goal to reach. Making sure that everyone is as fully equipped as you are makes you a valuable member of the staff and raises overall profits.

If you know how to do something and no one else does, this makes you important, but it makes you even more important if you take on a teacher role and pass on this knowledge to your co-workers. Just be careful not to come off as bossy, unless you are the boss.

Avoid Negative Gossip

Even though it can be very difficult to resist the temptation, especially when times are stressful at work, avoiding workplace negativity and gossip is essential for getting along with your co-workers.

Rumors are largely anecdotal and are not made up of facts. Bear this in mind at all times and take gossip with a grain of salt. If you hear gossip, do not get sucked into it. Instead, put on your headphones, walk away or change the subject.

Accept Responsibility for Errors

Everyone makes mistakes. Rather than becoming defensive and trying to cover them up, fess up to them and learn how to fix the mistake in case it happens again in the future.

Follow this procedure and you will have earned trust by being open and honest. Accepting responsibility for your errors will show your co-workers that you are not trying to pass the buck onto them or blame them when something goes wrong.

Share Successes with Others

Although you should take the heat for your mistakes, the joy that comes from success is an emotion that should be shared with others. The key to abundant success is to share it. Of course, if you receive a big raise, it is best not to run around bragging about it.

However, you can use this positive upwelling of pride in your work to congratulate others on their successes and give people credit for any contributions they made towards your own success. Give credit where credit is due.

Do Not Burn Your Bridges

Another reason to share successes with others is for future jobs and business endeavors. Having a productive and positive relationship with your co-workers can be essential to your future financial success. You never know when you might work with this person again in the future.

Having that fantastic reference on your resume can make the difference between getting hired for your dream position or not. For this reason, it is extremely important to leave your co-workers with the best impression possible, even while quitting, getting laid off or getting fired from a job.

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