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Financial Red Flags

Financial Red Flags

Money and finances are always tricky subjects and one that many people like to keep private. And no wonder, there is always someone out there with more than you and less than you. It often feels like you are judged for your financial decisions, no matter what you do.

It's this tendency towards secrecy that can get you in a financial hole so deep that you don't know how to get out. If you haven't asked yourself the following questions, it's time for you to take a hard look at your budget and make revisions before it's too late!

Where's the money?

What's left in your wallet at the end of the pay period? If it's always empty and you have trouble stretching it out until the next paycheck, it's time to examine every aspect of your budget. While you may not be able to go get another job to cover your expenses, you can take a look at spending patterns. Identify key areas that take up too much of your budget and find ways to cut back. While you may miss some of the comforts, the increase in financial security will go a long way to improving your wellbeing.

What are you hiding?

Do you find yourself throwing away shopping bags and pretending new purchases have been there all along? Have you ever opened a statement and hidden it from your significant other? Hiding purchases and financial statements, especially when you are in a relationship, are one of the reddest of red flags that you need a budget intervention.

What's at the heart of your fight?

Are you in perpetual conflict with your significant other? Have you stopped to examine what's really at the core of the fighting? You may find that differing approaches to finances can cause conflicts in seemingly every aspect of your relationship. Maybe it's time for you to sit down with your partner and have the awkward conversation that addresses your financial values and obstacles that you need to overcome to achieve the goals you share together.

Are you ashamed of your financial situation?

When you begin to feel ashamed of your financial situation, it's time to examine why you feel the way that you feel. Pay attention to whether the feeling of shame stems from comparing yourself to others who appear to have more or is it because you don't know how to stop spending more than you truly have? Once you pinpoint the source of the shame, you will be in a better position to make positive changes in your life.

Are you ready to make changes?

You can't change your life until you're willing to do the work. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to achieve financial security? Don't be afraid to take the first steps and let your smaller successes build the foundation of your financial future.

While asking yourself these questions may be painful and embarrassing at times, it's worth it if it helps you build a brighter, more secure future.

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