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Feng Shui for Your Desk

Feng Shui for Your Desk

You may have heard how the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can be used to harmonize your living space to increase the flow of qi, which is the elemental life force. This life force not only affects your living space but your workspace too. So if you are stuck or feeling frustrated on a project or can’t seem to focus, take the time to reorganize your workspace.

By incorporating elements of Feng Shui into the design of your living space, you can channel the flow of energy, and this holds true for your workspace as well. If you take the time to thoughtfully arrange your desk following the principles of Feng Shui, you can improve your productivity, focus and feelings towards your work.

Whenever you find it hard to focus or get your work on time, try making these changes to your workspace.

The Placement of Your Desk

While your desk should in the power position, set at an angle in the corner that is diagonal from the door with the chair facing the door, you may not have the space of flexibility to rearrange your desk to that specification. If you share a workspace with someone, try not to sit with your back towards each other if you can avoid it. However, you also don’t want to sit directly facing someone as this can increase conflict and competition. If you must face them, try placing a plant to help break up the flow of negative energies.

What’s On Your Desk

Many of us don’t have permission to rearrange our workspace to suit our needs, but we do have control over our personal desk. The great news is that by using a bagua map, you can bring positive energy to your personal desk.

A bagua map is how you find which areas of your desk need attention to address specific areas of your life. Ask yourself what is lacking from your life and where you need a boost of positive energy. Find those areas on the bagua map and make the corresponding changes on your physical desk.

Area 1: Wealth
If you want to increase your wealth and prosperity, focus on the back left corner of your desk.

Area 2: Reputation
In the center of your desk, next to the wealth and prosperity corner is the area that will bring you personal acclaim. This area should feature your nameplate or mementos from previous accomplishments.

Area 3: Love
When you want to invite love into your life, focus on the back right corner of your desk. If you aren’t in a relationship then adding a fresh flower will

Area 4: Family
Feature your family in the center left of your desk as a good luck and positive energy.

Area 5: Health
The center of your desk relates to your health and wellness. If you need a boost in this area of your life, try clearing the clutter from the center of your desk and focus on keeping it tidy.

Area 6: Creativity
Are your creative juices drying up and don’t know where to turn for the artistic inspiration you desperately need? If so, focus on the center right of your desk.

Area 7: Wisdom
Wisdom and knowledge correlate to the area in the front left of the desk. If you are struggling to understand aspects of your project, concentrate on this area or decorate it with respected figures from your field of study.

Area 8: Career
It only makes sense that the energy that powers your career is at the front and center of your desk. While you should keep this area clear of clutter, placing a motivational quote here will give you extra energy.

Area 9: Communication
Whether you dream of traveling the world or just want to keep in touch with friends around the globe, the front right of your desk relates to communication and travel.

By designing your desk with Feng Shui principles, you’ll not only experience a surge of energy or increase in peace, but you’ll have a visual reminder of the areas of life that deserve your greatest attention.

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