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Borrowing from Your Future

Borrowing from Your Future

Part of living is incurring personal debt. But, the idea that a large amount of debt or a certain type of debt is needed for a comfortable and success lifestyle is simply untrue.

When left unattended and forgotten about, debt still remains a part of daily life. It hides away in the shadows of the mind with great stealth, until it crashes down and crushes you with an enormous and weighty burden. Frugality is not enough to climb out of the interest rate trenches.

Paying back the growing debt seems like a nearly impossible task, even if the debt is small, just as a friend doing you a favor and you wanting to return the favor. Schedule conflicts, other relationships and commitments can get in the way of a quick debt payment turnaround.

Feelings can get hurt and the debt escalates, as do all forms of debts.

Instead, debt can be limited through frugal thought and action. Turn your cheek to debt as it comes and inevitably and ultimately end up borrowing from your own future and the future of your family or business.

What is the best way to avoid this uphill battle against the epic forces of debt? Logical thinking and professional psychic help in the face of taking on any major decisions on debt.

Ask yourself or your favorite psychic this crucial future debt assessment question before agreeing to take part in any debt-incurring events or activities in life.

Is my current need worth paying two fold in my future?

Essentially, any kind of debt you already have or pick up along the way, is the present time’s way of borrowing from your future success. Be sure it is worth every minute or penny of your future time/money before committing to any more debt!

Like the word love, the word debt can mean many different things and its specific effect on the mind, body and spirit can vary from person to person. But, no matter which form the debt takes, it is a damaging force which can destroy relationships and lead to helpless despair and rash decision making.

Of course there is the huge problem of financial debt to contend with, even in loving relationships. We all struggle with balancing income and spending, but credit cards and loans are a slippery slope, indeed.

But what about other potentially hazardous types of debt to watch out for? We can be indebted to our employers, our family members, friends, country, leaders, neighbors and even to ourselves. Here are some examples of non-monetary debt:

A Debt of Gratitude

What begins as a feeling of appreciation and gratefulness can quickly grow out of hand and lead to a sense of indebtedness to this person, even if true or familial love is not present. This powerful sense of debt often occurs in instances directly after real or perceived life saving, rescue and hero scenarios.


Have you ever heard the expression, “You owe it to yourself to…?” This is a reference to self-debt. Is there something you have been meaning to do but have yet to accomplish or undertake? Pay yourself back in the present time and give yourself the gift of a brighter future. Break free of spiritual self-debt by seizing the moment and allowing your future to be the success it should be, debt-free.

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