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Zodiac Love Matches

Zodiac Love Matches

Are you searching for true love or wondering why you just can't seem to make a love relationship work? Give yourself a head start at making it work and focus on these ideal zodiac love matches based on your sun sign compatibility.


Partners born under this sign are often highly energetic who love a challenge both on the field and in a relationship. While a typical Aries isn't known for their patience or laid-back attitude, he or she thrives when faced with new challenges. It takes the social charms of a Gemini, the inventiveness of the Sagittarius or the mutual-admiration of a Leo to keep life, and love, attractive to an Aries.


While a Taurus is known for being "bull-headed," they are attracted to beauty, calm and security. However, people born under this sign can show a different side of themselves when bothered and are known to have a short temper when provoked. A Taurus thrives in a relationship with a sensitive Cancer, stable-minded Capricorn or harmony-seeking Pisces.


The duality of a Gemini makes it an exciting love match for the right person. On the one hand, a Gemini's social nature makes them a fun and engaging romantic connection. On the other hand, this social nature can make them appear to be flighty or unreliable, which can wreak havoc on a relationship with a partner who doesn't understand. Try romantic partnerships with an intellectual Libra, communicative Aquarius or a driven Aries.


People born under the sun sign of Cancer are known for their sensitivity and generosity. While these traits can make them an excellent friend and partner, it can also cause them to retreat inward at the first signs of conflict. A Cancer does best with a love match who is respectful of their sensitivity and appreciates the love they have to give. A relationship with a Taurus or Scorpio will help the Cancer feel secure and loved, while a Virgo is well suited to reciprocate the love and generosity given by a Cancer in love.


Leos tend to have a lust for life and have big dreams that they follow with creativity and ambition. Their focus on their goals can cause them to be self-centered or have a short temper when things don't go their way. The best matches for a Leo are a fiery Sagittarius, passionate Aries or enthusiastic Gemini.


With a practical and logical nature balanced by love and generosity, a Virgo has a lot to offer in a romantic relationship. But be warned, Virgo natives often have a tendency to be hypercritical and do well with someone who can appreciate their practical displays of affection and withstand their penchant for negativity. The home-loving Taurus, caring Cancer or diligent Capricorn.


Represented by the scales of justice, Libras are fair-minded individuals who value peace and fairness. However, sometimes their ability to see both sides so clearly can make a Libra appear to be non-committal and passive. They do best with a social-minded Aquarius, variety-loving Gemini or an intellectual Sagittarius.


Much like their symbol, Scorpios possess great power to sting with a critical nature or charm with their beauty and penchant for the finer things in life. With the right romantic pairing, love with a Scorpio brings generosity and great breadth of emotion. The sensitive nature of a Cancer is often a good balance for a Scorpio while a Capricorn's patient nature or a Pisces' emotions will compliment the passion of the Scorpio.


Much like a Gemini, a Sagittarius has a dual nature where their love of adventure and joy balances a lack of follow-through or honesty without tact. People born under the sign Aries share a love of adventure that makes for a strong pairing, while the innovative Aquarius or passionate Leo can make a good match for a Sagittarius.


The success-oriented Capricorn is motivated by challenges and uses their diligence and practical nature to achieve their goals. Capricorns tend to be motivated by recognition from others and do best in a relationship with a value-conscious Taurus or a like-minded Virgo, while a Pisces will help a Capricorn see the lighter side of life and love.


Commonly known to be the innovators and forward-thinkers of the zodiac, Aquarius lovers often come across as aloof or detached. Often, an Aquarius focuses on new and exciting ideas that benefit humanity as a whole, instead of the individual. The social nature and vibrancy of an Aquarius make a Sagittarius, Libra or Gemini a good love match.


A Pisces is often deeply connected to their intuition and guided by their creativity. These traits can lead them to be highly emotional and sensitive, which is great when partnered with a Sun sign that appreciates these qualities. A Pisces in a relationship with a Scorpio or Cancer will find they are on the same emotional page, while a Capricorn brings balance to the romantic relationship.

Are you surprised by your best love match according to your Sun sign? Don't miss out on a chance at a rewarding relationship and seek to understand how the zodiac can influence your intimate relationships.

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