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Your Mercury Placement & What it Means

Your Mercury Placement & What it Means

You may think you know everything about your personality if you have your sun, moon, and rising signs down. There's no doubt that those top three signs provide much insight into your private and public self. However, our birth chart is home to numerous other placements that offer many essential and not-so-obvious insights! Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, and movement that represents our mind and how we make sense of the world and our role in it. Check out the mercury placements below to determine how you communicate with others and how you intellectualize this wild ride we call life!

Mercury in Aries

You're very quick-witted and not afraid to speak your mind. Now, this could be combative or disrespectful at times; however, those around you will be envious of your ability to tell it like it is fearlessly.

Mercury in Taurus

You have an efficient, exacting memory and intellect. Once you formulate an opinion of someone or something, it can be hard to shake you. Be sure to balance your careful instincts with some spontaneity.

Mercury in Gemini

Ever-curious and quick to offer opinions and ideas, the mercurial Gemini keeps interactions fresh, current, and lively. Because you are so effusive, you can put on an act you know more than you do. Be careful; take a step back and pass the mic sometimes.

Mercury in Cancer

Quite the shapeshifter, those with a Cancer in mercury know how to accommodate any mood in any room. You understand the world through your experiences; remember your experiences are not the only ones in the world.

Mercury in Leo

You possess passion like no other sign, which can be a double-edged sword. Successful and magnetic, you can turn any scenario into a good time. Keep your ego in check; that is what can come back to bite you.

Mercury in Virgo

You can make some of the soundest decisions of all placements. You do not give your final answer until all sides and angles are considered. Many people trust you and your opinions; however, be sure to be less committed to your expectations.

Mercury in Libra

A natural empath, a placement in Libra is someone sociable and highly liked. You can get along with just about anybody, but be sure not to sacrifice too much of your values and beliefs to fit in.

Mercury in Scorpio

Curious and investigative, the mercury in Scorpio is always down to get to the bottom of anything! Those around you might be overwhelmed by your relentless and challenging nature so remember to keep yourself in check.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Your need to learn is nearly never satisfied. Constantly looking for the next lesson and adventure, those with placements in Sagittarius are rebellious and hard to pin down. Be sure to take a break every once and a while so you don't get burned out.

Mercury in Capricorn

You always have a strategy and are well-prepared for any outcome. Reliable and independent, you are highly ambitious and have high expectations of yourself and others. Remember, it's not that easy for everyone, so don't be too judgmental!

Mercury in Aquarius

Curious and a little bit out-of-this-world, you operate on a whole other level than most. Your uniqueness will always attract people, but remember that not everyone is on your planet with you—check-in and connect as often as possible.

Mercury in Pisces

Some might call you a psychic. You very rarely use rationale when navigating through life and instead use your well-trained intuition. This makes you extremely perceptive and compassionate. A well-balanced decision does require some rationale, though, so tread carefully!

There you have it! What does your mercury placement say about how you communicate with others, make important decisions, and come to terms with your purpose?

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