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Your Astral Stone and What It Means

Your Astral Stone and What It Means

Many are aware of their birthstone—the gemstone that represents the month of your birth. However, fewer are aware that there is a gemstone or crystal associated with their zodiac sign. These are called your astral stone and can be a powerful tool to achieve health, wellness and balance in your life.

Not only does your astral stone symbolize your zodiac sign, it also vibrates at the same frequency as the constellation and can enhance the positive characteristics of the sign while balancing out the more negative influence. This vibrational harmony may provide healing properties to common ailments associated with the specific zodiac sign. The energies associated with your astral stone are present throughout the year, but are at its peak during the month or time associated with the zodiac sign.

Aries: Diamond

Diamonds provide protection and power, which made them a popular choice for use in crown jewels for royalty. Diamonds have the unique ability to amplify the energies of other gemstones or block the flow of energy caused by negative thoughts.

Taurus: Emerald

Emeralds are associated with matters of the heart and healing troubled thoughts. This connection between love and wisdom makes it a powerful tool for bringing harmony into your life.

Gemini: Aquamarine

Aquamarines are a powerful stone that can help you achieve greater spiritual understanding. It will bring you peace and calmness so that you can soothe your worries.

Cancer: Moonstone

Closely related to the moon, the moonstone reflects the emotional energy of the wearer. It is often used to help correct hormonal imbalances in women for increased emotional stability and wellness.

Leo: Peridot

With a bright green color, Peridot is the gemstone associated with wealth and protection against negative emotions.

Virgo: Sapphire

Found in a rainbow of colors, Sapphires are a powerful gemstone used to help you find clarity and mental wellness.

Libra: Opal

Opals provide significant assistance during times of transition and can inspire you in your creative endeavors. It is also a good gemstone if you need to enhance your self-esteem.

Scorpio: Topaz

Topaz can help you balance your emotions so that you can find joy in your life. It is commonly used to protect against aggressive acts of greed and can help you find good fortune in your life.

Sagittarius: Turquoise

Turquoise is known to give strength and protect the wearer from harm. It’s an especially powerful symbol of friendship and can attract good fortune into the life of the wearer.

Capricorn: Garnet

Garnets can be used to help ensure success in your business ventures. With its emphasis on compassion and clarity, garnets are often used to aid past life regressions.

Aquarius: Amethyst

Amethyst is closely related to matters of the mind and can help relieve insomnia and addictions. It is often used to help heal respiratory illnesses and poor circulation.

Pisces: Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an ancient stone that is used to improve the energy flow through a person and remove any blocks caused by negativity. It also protects the wearer and provides them with a source of power.

While each zodiac sign has a primary gemstone associated with it that may or may not be the same as the month’s birthstone. It’s important to know that each zodiac sign has more than one astral stone associated with it. Let this information on astral stones serve as a starting point on your search to find the stone that resonates most strongly with you.

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