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The Goddess of Love: Venus In Our Charts

The Goddess of Love: Venus In Our Charts

Venus is the Goddess of love, and in our natal charts we look to our placement in Venus to gain insights into our romantic relationships as well as what gives us joy and pleasure in life. Is emotional security and validation, honest communication, or the thrill of the chase what you thrive on in your romantic relationships? This article will tell you into what about it is about romance that re-energizes and inspires the way that you love.

Venus in Aries

Those with their Venus in Aries are very daring in the way that they love. They are the fearless flirt or the ever-adventurous partner. They require stimulation that leads to a sense of never-ending excitement. It takes a lot to keep up with an Aries romantic partner, but the thrills are far worth it.

Venus in Taurus

Just like the Taurus sun sign, the Venus in Taurus relies on comforts and security to feel fulfilled. They may feel threatened by relationships that move too fast or depend on high energy situations. Slow and steady wins the race—on love—for the Venus in Taurus lover.

Venus in Gemini

The Venus in Gemini has a wide variety of interests and require that their partner engages with them. These interests help them win over their significant other by showcasing how fun and playful they are—but beware, those with a Venus in Gemini love getting you to fall in love with them, but once that is over, they are hard to tie down.

Venus in Cancer

One of the most emotionally sensitive signs, the Venus in Cancer prefers when their romantic relationships are stable and committed over spontaneity. Pleasing them might involve a lot of cuddling and excessive tenderness. Once you have a Venus in Cancer, though, they are some of the most loyal partners.

Venus in Leo

Leo’s love to boast and those with Leo in their Venus placement are no different. If their relationships start to lose their luster, the Venus in Leo will feel uninspired and bored. Pay a lot of attention to them with consistent validation and praise. This will keep them satisfied for the long-haul.

Venus in Virgo

This Venus placement is not about the frills and thrills, but rather what is practical. This might not seem exciting at the outset; however, their handwork and dedication to the foundation of their romantic relationships help build some of the strongest and unbreakable bonds than any other placements.

Venus in Libra

Fairness and communication are at the root of the Venus and Libra’s romantic relationships. They are very proper and polished, which can sometimes come off as shallow. Treat them fairly, and they will prosper in love, but any sign of imbalance will have them running.

Venus in Scorpio

Intense and deeply committed, those with their Venus in Scorpio are some of the most focused romantic partners. They do not take relationships lightly, and you are most likely pressed to find them in a casual relationship without sexual and emotional intensity. Show them your loyalty, and they will feel validated.

Venus in Sagittarius

The Venus in Sagittarius views their relationships as opportunities for growth and adventure. Always striving towards the horizon, their romantic partners better be prepared for the ride. Giving them room to grow within themselves as well as within the relationship, will create a bond with no bounds!

Venus in Capricorn

Responsible and self-controlled, the Venus in Capricorn relies on their cool to attract their partners. Sometimes this level of control will come off as their superiority over love’s sometimes nonsensical elements. Showing your appreciation for their realism will place your relationship in reality rather than fantasy.

Venus in Aquarius

Those with a Venus in Aquarius love projecting their relationships into the future. They thrive on any opportunity for improvement by setting lofty goals. Don’t expect any old relationship with them—they need eccentric and unconventional romantic connections to feel inspired.

Venus in Pieces

Prepare to be tender with a Venus in Pieces partner. They are moody—but charming—and expect their relationships to be nothing short of sensual and sensitive to the little things. Great at flirting and attracting partners, the Venus in Pieces set their sights on those that are personally helped by their affection and attention.

Love certainly does make the world—and stars go ‘round. What does your Venus placement reveal about how you love?

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