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Personality Traits of the Zodiac Part 3

Personality Traits of the Zodiac Part 3


September 24th-October 23rd

A Libra will tend to be extremely nice and polite because they generally love being around other people. They often serve as mediators between quarreling parties. Libras are intelligent and excellent listeners. Libras take their time weighing pros and cons of a decision before committing one way or the other.

A Libra will usually seem cheerful. A Libra can bring laughter to the dreariest of circumstances. They are happiest when the people surrounding them are happy as well. They do not like for friends to be sad or upset.

The strengths of a Libra are: patience, balance, being affectionate, having positivity energy and a social nature. Weaknesses of the Libra include: indecisiveness, carelessness, prone to indulgence and being overly sensitive.


October 22nd-November 21st

Scorpios are independent and motivated. Once they get something in their heads they can't rest until they finish the task.

Scorpios possess a sense of knowing when they are right and when they are wrong. If you want an honest opinion about anything, ask a Scorpio. Brutal honesty is a feature they cannot help but offer.
Scorpios love with their complete hearts, but they have no tolerance for unfaithfulness. Questioning their own worth causes Scorpios to be very jealous and overly possessive, especially in matters of the heart. They will stand beside the ones they love through thick and thin. You could not ask for a more loyal friend.

Strengths of the Scorpio include: loyalty, trustworthiness, passion, charisma and patience. Weaknesses of Scorpio are stubbornness, becoming jealous easily and being egotistical.


November 23rd-December 21st

Sagittarians are animal lovers and are oftentimes the ones who will adopt or take in homeless and stray animals that no one else would think about touching. They will nurture these outcasts back to health and until they can prove to others that they can be wonderful pets.

Sagittarians are the first ones to try to cheer up friends when they are down. Though they may not be the greatest at this, nonetheless they will try their best. You may find yourself laughing whether you want to or not in their presence. Their way with words may not be traditional, but it is still effective. Getting a sincere compliment from a Sagittarius may be a rarity, so take it to heart if you are lucky enough to receive one.

Decisions of the heart take Sagittarius some time to make. They fall in love easily, but do not love lightly or quickly. A long internal struggle goes on inside the head of a Sagittarius before a decision related to commitment can be arrived at. They tend to keep their promises in love.

Strengths of the Sagittarius include: honesty, forthrightness, lightheartedness, intellectualism and a mastery of being a shoulder to cry on. Weaknesses of the Sagittarius are: a sharp tongue, the tendency to change quickly, restlessness and a flirtatious nature.

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