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Personality Traits of the Zodiac Part 2

Personality Traits of the Zodiac Part 2


June 22nd-July 23rd

Not one single emotion or personality can label a Cancer since they are a moody sign. One minute they may be laughing and having a good time and the next minute you may find them mad at the world.
Cancer will often mask their emotions with humor, jokes and laughter.

Cancer will set their aspirations high. Constant struggles for success and achievement lay beneath the exterior shell of Cancer.

Yelling or harshly snapping at individuals born under Cancer can cause their hearts to break. They will either shed tears openly or just completely shut down when hurt. Time is the only thing that can heal the heart of a Cancer.

Cancer strengths are: adaptability, loyalty, genuine attachment to a family and empathy. Weaknesses of Cancer include: moodiness, sensitivity, emotional outbursts and indecisiveness.


July 24th-August 23rd

Leos enjoy being around groups of people because they prefer to play a leadership role.

When Leos love, they love with all their hearts. They enjoy giving advice and they expect that you should heed their advice. A Leo can be hurt deeply if you question their authority. The best way to tame the proud Leo is to feed into their opinion of themselves. You can easily have the roaring lion eating out of the palm of your hand with kind words and praise.

A Leo will always tell it like it is. They have difficulty holding their tongues.

Leo prospers most when in a loving relationship. You will rarely find a Leo alone. Leos automatically take on the leading role in a relationship even though they may complain about having too much responsibility.

Strengths of a Leo include: kindness, big-heartedness, an energetic nature, optimism, honesty and loyalty. The weaknesses of a Leo are being: prone to jealousy, possessiveness, egotism and dominance.


August 24th-September 23rd

Virgos are quiet, family oriented people. Though you may notice a Virgo quietly off to the side, you can bet that he or she is simply taking in the details. Virgos do not often put themselves in crowded situations, as they prefer to socialize one on one.

Virgos live in reality and seldom daydream. They take life for what it is and do not set themselves up for disappointment.

Virgos are workaholics and even in their work they expect and demand perfection from themselves. From their clothes to their homes, everything must be perfect. Much time is spent worrying about whether things are correct. Virgos are tidy and neat freaks. Dirt and sloppiness can cause a Virgo to get flustered and irritated.

A Virgo can also be a wonderful friend. Knowing what to say and when to say it is a trait most Virgos possess.

Strengths of Virgo are: being a perfectionist, practical thinking, dependability, sincerity and patience. Weaknesses of Virgo include: being overly critical, restless and they push themselves too much.

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