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Moved by the Stars? Retrograde Planets

Moved by the Stars? Retrograde Planets

Are you the type of person who knows your sun sign or have you already explored the influences present in your natal chart? Whether you are new to the world of astrology or in tune with the planets placement in your life, you may not be familiar with what happens when a planet goes retrograde.

The term retrograde is used to describe what occurs when a planet appears to move backward or at a standstill, even though the rules of physics prevent this from happening in actuality. This illusion plays out when viewing the orbit of the planets in from Earth, and that is why the sun and moon will never be in retrograde.

When your chart features a retrograde planet, it means that the energies controlled by the planet are turned inward to the self. This often leads to difficulty in outwardly expressing the energy ruled by that particular planet. The placement of retrograde planets can also give you clues as to when certain events are likely to occur in your life and whether the impact of the retrograde planet will be keenly felt during childhood or adulthood.

The Inner Planets

The inner planets have shorter orbits and will appear to be in retrograde more frequently than the outer planets. The energy of the inner planets is apparent in your daily life and routine interactions.

Mercury Retrograde: Mercury rules communication. If you are born while Mercury is in retrograde, you may have a unique sense of humor and analytical mind that continuously reviews your experiences and information.

Venus Retrograde: Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It’s position impacts the way you interact with the people in your life. It may indicate that you may have to work hard to overcome social anxiety so that you can connect with your friends and family.

Mars Retrograde: Mars is the planet of passion and it influences your general temperament and determination. When your natal chart features Mars in retrograde, you may have a tendency to repress your emotions. Your challenge will be to express yourself.

The Outer Planets

Since the outer planets take longer to orbit around the sun, they are retrograde less frequently, but for longer periods of time. The influence of the outer planets is more abstract than the inner planets and can alter the mood of your life for a given era.

Jupiter Retrograde: Jupiter is the planet of luck and material gain. An individual with Jupiter in retrograde may not believe in luck and may turn away from material wealth to embrace spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

Saturn Retrograde: Saturn rules your reality and how you relate to society’s norms and expectations. If Saturn is in retrograde, you may experience anxiety when asked to operate outside of rules and understand the world through a lens of law and order. Be careful not to demand too much of yourself or take on too many responsibilities!

Uranus Retrograde: Uranus rules your intuition. When your chart has Uranus in retrograde, it may indicate that you have trouble following rules and crave freedom.

Neptune Retrograde: Neptune is a gateway to the world beyond the senses. When you have Neptune in retrograde, you may have a rich imagination. While having a rich imagination can be a wonderful asset, you must be careful not to get lost in fantasy to the detriment of your daily life and relationships.

Pluto Retrograde: Pluto is the planet of power. With Pluto in retrograde, you may have a tendency to gain power by concealing vulnerabilities. Your challenge will be to open up to the people in your life.

Knowing what planets were in retrograde at the moment of your birth can help you understand the unique challenges that you may face to achieve spiritual growth.

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