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Moon Sign Traits

Moon Sign Traits

Your moon sign is your key to unlocking your emotional and intuitive nature, especially when you feel contradictions between your personal nature and sun sign characteristics. Think of it as if your sun sign is the public expression of personality, the moon sign is the private expression of personality.

While the sun moves through each sign of the zodiac on a seasonal basis, the unique motion of the moon makes it harder to calculate your moon sign without the assistance of advanced charts or a calculator.


A person with a moon in Aries sees results and is driven by enthusiasm and diligence. These individuals do well when others notice their accomplishments, but their humble nature makes them hesitant to share their accomplishments.


With the moon in Taurus, an individual will do best when there are clear boundaries that allow him or her to speak and live with complete honesty. People born with the moon in Taurus are drawn to beauty and have a powerful intuition.


The dual nature of Gemini is apparent in the moon sign with the balance between mental clarity and anxiety. People with the moon in Gemini tend to find great comfort in creative and artistic outlets that allow them to find a full expression of their innermost self.


Someone born with the moon in cancer is born with a mission to change the world by helping others. These individuals tend to nurturing and highly intuitive. However, they tend to be motivated by recognition, even if they have trouble opening themselves up to others and sharing their inner wisdom, which is often accurate.


The strength of the lion makes someone with the moon in Leo an active beacon of charm and energy. With a compelling need for respect and authority, these individuals don't do well out of the spotlight. They are quick to react, which often leads to confusion and miscommunications.


With a keen intuition, people born under a Virgo moon are incredibly sensitive to spiritual vibrations and energies. It can take time and energy for a person born under a Virgo moon to learn how to sort through these energies and not be overwhelmed by their intuition.


Libra is a sign of balance and fairness, so those born under a Libra moon will be searching for a partner who can compliment their personal energy. These individuals love a challenge, which makes it difficult for them to find balance within a relationship.


The moon in Scorpio highlights robust sensitivities to the secret thoughts and motivations of others. People with a Scorpio moon have to be on guard against using this information to manipulate others to suit their personal needs.


The quick-moving motion of the moon only serves to highlight the sense of adventure and need for flexibility that defines a Sagittarius. Fueled by boundless enthusiasm and passion for bettering humanity, those born with the moon in Sagittarius have the heart of a teacher.


Capricorns are known for maintaining their composure in the face of adversity. This cool and calm demeanor is made possible by their strategic planning and dedication to their goals. Don't let a Capricorn moon fool you – these individuals are steady and show love through action.


Often known to be the humanitarian of the zodiac, an Aquarius moon often possesses incredible insight into the hearts and motivations of others and uses it to help humanity as a whole. However, the keen intuition may be spooky to others who don't understand.


The moon in Pisces brings out the darker side of sensitivities and emotions that define the zodiac sign. People born with a Pisces moon are often gifted psychics or are known to have great wisdom. However, these gifts are best put to use when the person has freedom of expression.

Taking time to determine your moon sign can help you have a deeper understanding of your inner nature and how you react to the people and events that you encounter in your life.

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