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Moms by the Zodiac

Moms by the Zodiac

What type of communicators we are, who and how we love, how we react to pain and joy—we use astrology for many distinct purposes. Mainly, we use astrology as a way to navigate our personalities, strengths, and faults. When we become a mother, it might feel like we are a completely new person altogether! You guessed it, our zodiac signs and cosmic alignments have something particular to say about what sorts of mothers we are! Take a peek below to find out what your sign says about your motherhood style.

The Aries Mother

A fire sign, Aries mothers, are always on-the-go. Never short on energy or bravery, the Aries mom is bound to make motherhood nothing short of an adventure. Beware of the tendency to be impulsive, though, because some things are hard to take back or change.

The Taurus Mother

Security and comfort are no strangers to the Taurus. As mothers, the Taurus will create a stable and nourishing home for her children. Notoriously stubborn, a Taurus mom might find challenges stepping down to her children and finding peaceful middle grounds.

The Gemini Mother

Talkative and always the life of the party—the Gemini mother is bound to have children that are just as cultured and friendly as she is. The Gemini mother may find that her wild and social side is sometimes at odds with the responsibilities of motherhood.

The Cancer Mother

Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac, and it seems like motherhood is written for them and their emotional sensitivity. Cancers will do anything to show their love and protect their children; however, they are at high risk of creating a home environment that is too sheltered.

The Leo Mother

It might be hard to tell the Leo mother and her children apart—Leo’s act and feel forever young! The Leo loves to spoil her children, but they need to make sure that their want for affection and adoration doesn’t always upstage her family.

The Virgo Mother

Motherhood is perhaps the most challenging job—and Virgos were made for multitasking and organizing without breaking a sweat. Her push for perfection might come at a severe cost. She should always make sure to embrace her children’s faults and mistakes, so they feel loved and accepted.

The Libra Mother

Life is all about striking the perfect balance for the Libra. Affectionate and caring, children of the Libra mother will always feel sincerely loved and cared for. However, such a strong focus on justice and fairness might make disciplining an arduous task, and Libra mothers can become pushovers.

The Scorpio Mother

Scorpio is a deep and mysterious sign, and as mothers, they make the perfect confidantes. The Scorpio mother will always fight to understand and not shy away from stressful situations and emotions with her children. It is a struggle, though, to keep her children’s problems from becoming her own.

The Sagittarius Mother

Like the Aries mom, the Sagittarius is at risk for being too impulsive and adventure-seeking. This makes for an adventurous childhood, and the Sagittarius mom will always fight for her children to see and strive for the best versions of themselves.

The Capricorn Mother

Work-focused and highly determined, Capricorns will both help set and achieve goals for their children and family. It is a challenge for them to turn off “work mode” and settle into a more sensitive, emotional role.

The Aquarius Mother

Imaginative and community-oriented, the Aquarius is always dreaming about how to improve the lives of her family and the world at large. When it comes to day-to-day goings on in her children’s lives, her imaginative mind might have a hard time finding ground.

The Pisces Mother

The Pisces mother is highly concerned with self-expression and is most likely to raise artistic children. No dream is too big for her children; however, this might sometimes come off as unrealistic and not in touch with reality.

What do the stars reveal about your natural motherhood skills and challenges?

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