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Live Better with Karmic Astrology

Live Better with Karmic Astrology

Recently, Karmic Astrology has gained acceptance with people looking for answers about the course of their lives. Karmic Astrology, especially through natal birth charts, can provide a practical guide to a better life.

The information a seeker receives through astrology is like travelling on a great journey; you could use the fastest, most direct route or something a little more “scenic.” Either path will take you to your journey's end, but the experience changes along the way.

This is what makes Karmic Astrology so attractive—it can provide recommendations for individual choices, rather than a severe set of rules and commands.

Nodes of the Moon

Some of the most crucial elements in Karmic Astrology are the Nodes of the moon, separated into North and South Nodes. These Nodes are the points where the path of the Moon crosses the earth’s orbit around the sun.

These karmic indicators suggest we all start life with parts of our personality that are either underdeveloped or overdeveloped.

A specific Node of the Moon will guide the seeker to these traits:

  • South Node advises us on the overdeveloped personality traits we tend to fall back on. Too much reliance on these features and they can undermine our lives.
  • North Node is just the opposite. It indicates which features of our characters we need to develop, as a way to regain emotional balance.

Understandably, the North and South Node points are in direct opposition. Since they are planets, they are relatively unknown in traditional astrology. However, Lunar Node points are now more pronounced since they take into account the relationship of the earth, moon and sun at the moment you were born.

Lunar Nodes: A Matter of Spiritual Balance

At the heart of the Nodes of the moon is the concept of karmic imbalance. The "life lessons" from the Nodes can help us to know our life’s purpose. We use them to learn how to achieve contentment and fulfillment.

Placing too much emphasis on our South Node, while failing to develop our North Node will make it more difficult to achieve real success and happiness.

What Lunar Nodes Represent

The feeling most associated with South Lunar Node is fear. Great insecurity links directly with South Node tendencies. On a lesser note, the position of the South Node also deals with issues of order, reliability and happiness in relationships.

The key to the Lunar Nodes is the concept of balance. To improve our lives, we must address South Node issues by focusing on North Nodes. North Nodes will reveal the challenges we encounter during our time on Earth.

When preparing a natal birth chart in Karmic Astrology, it is the reigning planet of the sign in the North Lunar Node that points to the ideal way to learn lessons (or face challenges) in this life.

Time to Learn and Grow

Consequently, North Lunar Node represents the opportunity for a challenge and growth. Avoid falling prey to uncertainty—a common trait found in the sign and house of the North Node in a natal birth chart.

When working with Lunar Nodes of Karmic Astrology, retrograde planets help you look to the past. They offer clues to solutions to our current problems, even when it is difficult to let go of the past. The Lunar Nodes show us that forgiveness of self and others is an essential habit to develop.

Finding the right balance between the Lunar Nodes begins the healing process in our lives. It usually starts with committing to our own emotional health, as well as the wellbeing of those around us.

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