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Lesser Known Facts About Rising Signs

Lesser Known Facts About Rising Signs

You probably have a great affinity with your sun sign; however, if you feel that parts of your sun sign just don't fit in with your personality, your rising sign might bring some perspective into focus! Despite most horoscopes highlighting our sun signs, they are only a piece of our larger astrological puzzle. Our rising signs represent our public selves or how those around us perceive our energies. Find out some lesser-known facts about our rising signs!

Aries Rising

Confident and compelling, the Aries rising magnetizes and makes waves wherever they go. However, this passion can lead to less thinking and more doing. This rash behavior can lead to some complex destruction in their relationships. Always keep an eye open and intervene when you see one of their rash streaks.

Taurus Rising

Grounded and dependable, loyalty knows no bounds with the Taurus rising. You might find it hard not to become best friends with one. However, this tendency for staunch reliability can lead to a stubborn streak. Be sure to communicate your boundaries clearly and often.

Gemini Rising

The Gemini rising is witty, gregarious, and a well-known social butterfly. With the large amounts of attention, they generate within their social lives, they bore easily and quickly move on to the next thing. Their flightiness can come off as erratic, but ultimately, they need to feel stimulated—keep things interesting!

Cancer Rising

Intuitive, nurturing, and in tune with their emotions, Cancer rising will always have your back. This mix of characteristics can sometimes make them over-romantic and overly engaged in their relationships. Be kind to their feelings, as the Cancer rising feels deeply.

Leo Rising

That "it" factor about a Leo rising draws people in. There is almost a movie-star-like quality to them that their friends, lovers, and family want to be close to. All this attention certainly can go to their heads—be sure to position them in the center of your selfie to make them feel seen.

Virgo Rising

Hardworking and diligent, there is a humble quality to the Virgo rising that might not make a dramatic first impression. However, their effect on those around them is undoubtedly felt for a long time. Aside from their abilities, they are also very nurturing and in tune with nature—encouraging both sides of their personality.

Libra Rising

Harmony is critical for the Libra rising, and this manifests in both their style and substance. Uncomfortable in conflict, their uncanny need for balance can sometimes lead to massive indecision. However, be kind to them because their charm will ultimately leave the most lasting impression.

Scorpio Rising

The Scorpio rising is deep-thinking and mysterious. You may fall into their trap but don't expect that you will get to access their depths. Instead, you must be prepared to fight hard to crack their well-curated surface to benefit from their loyalty.

Sagittarius Rising

If you're having one of the most memorable times while listening to some of the most intuitive, brutal honesty—you're most likely with a Sagittarius rising. Weighing their adventure with optimism, the highs can feel high; however, that means the lows can feel just as low. Learn the art of counterbalancing to keep things level.

Capricorn Rising

Polished and slightly intimidating, the Capricorn rising knows what they want and how to get it. They are reliable and not easily rattled, but that doesn't mean they can't let loose a little if you spend some time scratching beneath their surface. Be patient!

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius risings are the rebels of the zodiac. Free-spirited and independent, the Aquarius rising is also naturally sociable. However, don't keep things light; these trailblazers are out to change the world, so don't shy away from deep and meaningful conversations.

Pisces Rising

Dreamy and sometimes distracted, the Pisces rising sometimes have their head in the clouds. This mystical quality makes it easy to fall in love with them, so be sure to have a level head when getting to know a Pisces—is it love or infatuation?

Create a more complex picture of your astrological placements with these lesser-known facts about your rising sign!

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