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Karmic Debt: Karma Repair with Numerology

Karmic Debt: Karma Repair with Numerology

Have you ever felt that you are up against something that is entirely out of your control? Is it hard to manifest success or execute your personal goals? You may be dealing with what is known as karmic debt. Karmic debt is based upon factors responding to the cyclical nature of the universe. There is a way to uncover your karmic debt number with numerology that reveals the burdens you must overcome and the lessons you must learn to repair your karma. Below, find out how to calculate your karmic debt number and decode what you need to do to cleanse and heal.

How to Calculate Your Karmic Debt Number

Just like calculating your life path number, figuring out your karmic debt number does involve some simple math. However, unlike life path numbers, karmic debt numbers are not present for everyone—only if you come across 13, 14, 16, and 19 in your calculations.

To figure your karmic debt number, you can use a variety of different methods. Two of the most popular ways to calculate is using your personality number or life path number with your birthdate.

Using Your Personality Number: This number revolves around your personality and how you relate to others. It's calculated by adding the digits of your birthday and month, excluding your birth year. For example, someone born on September 13 would add 9 + 1 + 3, a karmic debt number 13.

Using Your Life Path Number: This number revolves around your life lessons. To find your life path number, you add your birthday numbers the same way listed above, but this time with your birth year included. To use the example above, let's say they were born in 2002. You would then add 9 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 16, which is a karmic number 16.

Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19

The above are the only karmic debt numbers. If you calculate your birth date and receive either one of these numbers—this is what may be holding you back per each number and path.

- Karmic debt number 13: This debt number indicates that you were lazy and/or selfish in a past life. Due to this karmic debt being transferred, you may be quick to blame others for your misfortunes and be overly negative. You can clear your karma on this path if you learn to hold yourself accountable for your actions and responsibilities.

- Karmic debt number 14: The number 14 indicates abusing your power and/or controlling others. In this life, you may find it hard to execute moderation and have a lack of self-control and overindulgence. To begin to heal your karma, you must learn to develop self-control and also strengthen your vulnerability.

- Karmic debt number 16: It is said that karmic debt number 16 is one of the hardest to overcome. This number indicates a strong ego in past lives and particularly an ego in the realm of love and relationships. In this healing journey, you must learn to be more thoughtful of others and their needs and reflect upon how you influence and affect those close to you.

- Karmic debt number 19: Karmic debt number 19 are people that are very self-driven and self-reliant. In past lives, these people were very self-isolating and non-dependable. To cleanse this karma, you must learn to become more flexible and accept the advice and help from others with open arms.

What have you found to be holding your karmic energy back? Then, delve into karmic debt numbers to take back control of your destiny moving forward.

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