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How Your Sign Should Handle Mercury Retrograde Pt.1

How Your Sign Should Handle Mercury Retrograde Pt.1

Mercury Retrograde—the cause of heart-wrenching break-ups, annoying glitches, unlikely accidents, and many more unfortunate events we'd rather not experience every month of the year. What exactly is Mercury retrograde, and how does it affect us? You may be surprised to find that retrograde does not always affect all of us in the same ways.

In short, retrograde occurs when a planet appears to move in reverse of its regular orbit from the perspective of the earth. So, why does Mercury's retrograde impose such dire consequences for most of us? Read on to see how your sign will do this upcoming Mercury Retrograde.


Hold your loved ones dear, Aries. The retrograde is coming for your relationships. To keep communication successful across all your romantic and platonic connections, be mindful of the things that you say and how you say them. You don't want your words to get scrambled and turned against you.


It is all about you during retrograde, Taurus. Mercury retrograde can do a number on your environment and comforts. In this time of instability and stress, be sure to take control of your self-care routine and focus on your rest and well-being. The things you can control will ultimately help equip you to keep your head above water.


Oh, Gemini. The Mercury retrograde always seems to have it out for you more than most. And there is a reason for this. Gemini is ruled by Mercury. One thing you have to your benefit is having been through these tough lessons before, so use your retrospection to your advantage. You are more powerful than you think.


You get a lot of your energy from your home life. During the retrograde, you may find that tension is boiling underneath the surface with those you surround yourself with most in the home. Be sure to take these riffs with a grain of salt and don't give in to the drama by remaining as calm, fair, and collected as possible.


Any Leo is a natural-born leader and being a great leader means being a great communicator. This is where Mercury retrograde steps in. You may find that your ability to draw people in is less powerful and effective than usual. Be sure to postpone any public speaking or other significant communication-centered tasks until Mercury leaves retrograde.


Virgos are known for their ability to organize and multitask, which generally translates well with their sparkling finances. However, Mercury retrograde usually has a way of mucking this up for the responsible Virgo. So, this retrograde, keep an eye on your wallet and be sure that you can apply that perfect voice of reason, so it doesn't get too out of control.

There you have it—Mercury Retrograde will manifest in many different ways for the first half of the zodiac, but what's in store for the latter half? Check out part two to find out!

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