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How Your Sign Should Handle Mercury Retrograde Pt. 2

How Your Sign Should Handle Mercury Retrograde Pt. 2

Whether you fear it or revere it—or a little bit of both, there is no denying that each sign of the zodiac undergoes uncanny changes during Mercury retrograde season. We learned what is in store for the first part of the zodiac in part one, so what will the latter have to prepare for and learn? Read on to find out!


Like Leos, Libras will struggle with their ability to communicate and find the right words during Mercury retrograde. It will be a challenge for you to apply adequate words to represent your feelings in a way that feels honest. Instead of giving in to this frustration, learn to sink into the silences and use these moments of observation to refine your sometimes bossy communication style.


You are a deep well of mysteries, Scorpio. Your subconscious contains deep depths and many multitudes. During Mercury retrograde, you may feel a powerful tug towards your imaginative inner world. Do not let this connection pass and tap into your innermost feelings. The more lighthearted conversations and interactions can wait.


Your independence is what makes you so unique and fearless. Mercury retrograde will challenge you to be a better team player. In group settings, resist the urge to forge ahead alone leaving everyone else in the dust. Learning to work well with others may feel a bit foreign to you, but you can apply these lessons to build stronger networks with those around you.


You are the workaholic of the zodiac, Capricorn. Your ability to establish yourself in the professional realm impresses all around you—so Mercury retrograde wants to disrupt that, naturally. As a result, you will experience some uncanny job or career-related setbacks and roadblocks during retrograde. But remember, the struggle is always temporary, and keep your ears and heart open for the lessons and advice that comes with the struggles.


Like Aries, Mercury is coming for your relationships and friendships. Expect that you will experience some petty misunderstandings, short fuses, and miscommunications with those you relate to and love. Remember who your real friends and connections are; this will be the lighthouse that guides you home.


Your head and emotions often seem like they are in the clouds, Pisces. Your poeticism is one of the reasons you are the most unique and creative of the zodiac. However, in retrograde, your mysterious and poetic ways will not charm the way they usually do. Instead, try your hand at engaging with the world around you in more concrete ways to build yourself some ground. Those around you will notice and appreciate the shift.

Ready or not, retrograde will always certainly come. However, this doesn't mean that you must be unprepared for the shifts in your personality, goals, and relationships. So, what did you learn about the struggles you face during Mercury retrograde, and how will you use these lessons to forge ahead stronger than ever?

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