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How to Read Your Palms for Elemental Astrology

How to Read Your Palms for Elemental Astrology

We use extensive charts to learn more about our astrological placements; however, what if a wealth of information was literally at arm's length? Our palms do more than provide a comprehensive roadmap of our futures with our heart, life, money, and marriage lines—our hand's shape and proportions can give us clues into our astrology through our elemental sign. So, move over horoscopes, and come through handoscopes!

Earth Sign Hands

Regarding shape and proportion, those with earth sign placements (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) have stout, square palms and fingers that are equal in length to the palm. Typically, earth sign hands will also be slightly rough to the touch. Earth sign hand traits include a down-to-earth, practical, and responsible attitude. Earth signs make good leaders and can execute instructions efficiently and quickly.

As far as their love lives go, earth signs tend to thrive in a conventional, stable lifestyle that builds strong relationship foundations. As a result, they are not easily rattled; their rooted sense of self is a calming and anchoring force for those around them.

Air Sign Hands

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—you are the air of the zodiac. You can spot an air sign by the solid rectangular shape of their palms, lengthy fingers, and pronounced knuckle bones. Air sign hand characteristics are intelligence, curiosity, and adaptability. Air signs are highly intellectually curious, leading them to many adventures of the mind and body. Skills in analyzing also make them adaptable to shifts and changes.

As lovers, air signs need to feel a cerebral connection with their partner. Therefore, you will be hard-pressed to find an air sign that is not interested in delving deep into conversation with a flexible, fun, and curious demeanor!

Water Sign Hands

Water sign hands (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) typically have elongated, oval-shaped palms with long, flexible fingers. Water sign hands are intuitive people deeply sympathetic to the plights of people and the world. With a lot of creativity, these signs constantly learn by making and doing. However, their high emotions can sometimes make them fragile and easily offended or hurt. It isn't rare to meet water signs that are interested in art or are artists.

In love, water sign hands are highly romantic and nostalgic partners. They feel deeply connected in relationships creating significant and long-lasting memories with an intense sense of meaning.

Fire Sign Hands

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius palms are rectangular, with fingers typically shorter than palm length. Try to keep up with a fire sign! Fire sign hand traits include diligence, being extroverted, and having confidence. These people thrive by seeing and experiencing, so they spend much time traveling to all parts of the world. Due to their high adrenaline lifestyle, some fire signs may struggle with empathizing with others around them.

If you are in a love match with a fire sign—expect never to be bored! To keep a fire sign wrapped around your finger, make new experiences and hobbies a part of your daily life!

Palmistry is one of the many tools in our astrological toolkits. So, if you aren't near a computer or your phone but want to get a sense of someone—all you have to do is ask for their hand!

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