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Figuring out your Life Path Number

Figuring out your Life Path Number

Numerology is a sacred art that is easy to learn and master. Simple addition is the only tool you need! Numerology is used as a tool to understand the hidden meanings and patterns that occur in the daily lives of all of us.

Of all the numbers that have prominence in our lives—both now and in the future—the Life Path Number is the most significant.

It all starts with the sum of your birth date. This number is predetermined and it can reveal who you are and the direction in which you move through life. The life Path Number has it all- the person you are at birth, the person you become and the inherent traits you are fated to carry with you through life.

At its most basic, your Life Path Number describes your journey through life.

Calculating Life Path Numbers

Figure out your Life Path Number by using your date of birth. Begin by adding together the digits of your month, day and year to arrive at a single digit.

Determining Life Path Numbers might be easy, but do not allow its simplicity fool you. Wrong calculations could provide you with false information or (at the very least) a flawed idea about your purpose in life.

For example, a person born on November 15, 1978 (11/15/1978) would:

  • Add November (the 11th month of the year) as such: 11 goes to 1+1=2
  • Take the 15th day, and do the same: 1+5=6
  • Take the birth year of 1978 and add each digit together: 1+9+7+8=25, and then 2+5=7
  • Add all three single digits: 2+6+7=15; finally, add the two together: 1+5=6

This person would have a Life Path number of six.

Master Numbers

Be aware of double digits, which have particular importance as “master numbers.” These remarkable master numbers are 11, 22 and 33.

When master numbers appear in a Life Path Number analysis, many Numerologists recommend stopping the reduction if they arrive, especially if they are the numbers 11 or 22.

Why One Method is Best

In Numerology, there are different methods for calculating a Life Path Number. Each method will give you a single-digit result, but the method listed above is the most accepted by professional Numerologists. The other methods can create an inaccurate result, especially if one indiscriminately adds up all the numbers in a birth date. The resulting personality traits will be false, or the result will be missing a critical number that should have been counted.

Why use this method over others? This system to figure the Life Path Number recognizes the that Life Path is a process, an unbroken line from birth to death. This product recognizes that there is an interaction with other numerological cycles of existence, like Period Cycles.

The Three Cycles of Your Life

Period Cycles are three permanent cycles. Each one covers about one-third of a person’s life.

  • First Period Cycle —the summary total of the birth month
  • Second Period Cycle —the single-digit reduced from the day of birth
  • Third Period Cycle —determined by the reduced number from the year of birth

In this technique in Numerology, the complete Life Path Number is more than just adding up the digits of your birth date. This absolute number comes from each figure of the three Period cycles.

With the help of an experienced Numerologist, your specific Life Path Number will help you develop your inner strengths, recognize and avoid destructive patterns and improve your life.

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