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Destiny Numbers: Clues to the Real You!

Destiny Numbers: Clues to the Real You!

One of the most common questions in Numerology is, “What is my true destiny?”

We all have a singular purpose in this life and it is crucial for us to see what it is. It is essential for us to have a sense of why we are here and to gain information on how we can reach our true potential.

In a variety of combinations, numbers can give us the answers we seek. One of the most significant numbers is the Destiny Number. This is the number that provides us with our attitudes, talents and abilities.

Not every Numerologist uses the same method to calculate Destiny Numbers. They usually employ a mixture of numbers to develop a complete psychic impression of the seeker.

The most popular and easiest way to determine the Destiny Number is by adding all the digits of the seeker’s date of birth and then adding each digit down until you are left with a single number. This becomes your Destiny Number. For example, a birth date of January 12, 1978 becomes:

01/12/1978 = 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

The Destiny Number for this person is Two.

Another calculation is a person’s full birth name, where each letter is converted into numbers, added together to make a single digit. In the alphanumeric method, A =1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on. Some Numerologists will combine the birth date number and the birth name number to arrive at a Destiny Number.

Always discuss which method your particular spiritual counselor prefers.

Once you have your Destiny Number, you can check out what that number says about you:

Number 1—a natural leader or innovator. Someone who is bold and creative, motivated and confident.

Number 2—works well as part of a team. Relationships are valuable to them and they often need someone to complete them.

Number 3—a person who is cheerful, optimistic and cordial.

Number 4—has considerable potential, determination and staying power. They are loyal, punctual and honest.

Number 5—enjoys life and lives for the day. They like traveling, adventure and new experiences.

Number 6—is calm and affectionate. They are often responsible, trustworthy and easygoing.

Number 7—loves attention from others. They are often skeptical and cynical.

Number 8—craves respect and are highly ambitious. They can grow to a leadership position, but only after managing their desire for wealth and material things.

Number 9—has an unbridled enthusiasm for life and is capable of creating brilliant concepts, designs and ideas. They are energetic, kind and compassionate.

Use Destiny Numbers to become aware of your personal interests, unique abilities, outlooks and talents. They are a valuable tool and some people also believe it is their “lucky number.”

The Destiny Number doesn’t just denote who you are now, it can tell you who you could be in the future as well.

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